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Chase Community Giving Renewal Updates
Top 10 NGOs who received funds in December

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The Resource Alliance and the Rockfeller foundation are pleased to invite applications for the India NGO Awards 2009 from NGOs across the country who have demonstrated best practices in creative resourcing, financial management, governance and impact in the community. Download entry form and email for further information.

 US Giving Challenge                                      

Following the grand success of the India Giving Challenge held a couple of months ago, we decided to hold another challenge($15000), only for US donors to make their end-of-year giving go even further. So, everyday between December 15 - 30, we were giving away a matching of US$250 to the NGO that raises the most funds that day. Check out our daily winners.

The top eight NGOs to receive the most funds, between Dec 15th- 30th 2009, from US donors via Paypal on the GiveIndia site, received a matching grant up to:
NGO 1: $3,000
NGO 2: $2,000
NGO 3 to NGO 8: $1,000

The top three NGOs to receive funds from the most number of US donors via Paypal on the GiveIndia site, between Dec 15th- 30th 2009, received a grant of:
NGO 1: $500
NGO 2: $300
NGO 3: $200

The leading NGO as of 31/12/2009 was Operation ASHA with donations totalling $1,848. While more than $21,000 has been raised through the first US End-of-Year Giving Challenge so far, we would require a couple of days for a final check as well as clearance of any pending transactions made during Dec 15th-Dec 30th, 2009 by Paypal. Please note that we will notify the overall winners by January 7th, 2010. While the funds raised by you will reach you in the regular January disbursement, the matching funds will be disbursed by February 15th, 2010 at the latest.

If you would like to share with us your experience or any thoughts related to the Challenge, do write in to This will help us hold better challenges in the coming years. Please read the attachment.

Three-year Part-time MBA and one-year Diploma in Social Entrepreneurship  at the School of Business Management, NMIMS University, Mumbai. Email Shobha Pereira/ Dr.Animesh Bahadur, Faculty or call 26143177 / 26183688 / 4235 5555 between  10 am and 5 pm. Last date to apply Jan 31, 2010.


 Taiwan presentation

Renewal updates     

In the two month long renewal process which started on Oct, 11 2009, we have successfully renewed  175  NGOs.

Annual report is one of the key tools for ensuring transparency and accountability of any organisation. Preparing annual report that complies with the credibility alliance norms and disseminating them to board members, beneficiaries and donors is a big challenge for many NGOs.  Recognising the significance of quality Annual Reports for ensuring credibility of Voluntary Sector Organisations, CSO Partners  is presenting Outstanding Annual Report Awards 2010  in association with Financial Management Service Foundation (FMSF), Credibility Alliance (CA) and Spatial Access Advertising Consultancy (SAAC) on March 6, 2010 at New Delhi. Download brochure. Contact: /  call +91 120 2546732 - 33 / 44-45 

Taiwan voluntary sector conference finds session on NGO Accountability in India,  relevant

GuideStar India's CEO, Pushpa Aman Singh electronically addressed (see picture left) the International conference on NPO accountability. She gave a brief introduction to the size and structure of Indian voluntary sector and  described the various initiatives of the Indian voluntary sector towards promoting NGO transparency and accountability. Read Pushpa's address.

Two-year Master in Public Policy(MPP) and one-year Master in Public Administration(MPA) at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy in Singapore  with attractive fully funded scholarships for outstanding candidates. Entrepreneurs, public sector officials, ambassadors, senators, editors, and aspiring leaders and others interesed apply before Jan 31,2010. Email Prem Koman Damodaran for more details

TOP 10 NGOs to receive funds in December(in Rs.)

Dream a Dream


Association for Rural Development and Action Research (ARDAR)


Child Aid Foundation




Catalysts For Social Action


Association for Sustainable Community Development (ASSCOD)




Salaam Baalak Trust - Delhi




Dr. Shroff's Charity Eye Hospital


VIVIDH - Community journalism program    offers fellowship to rural activists and train them in video journalism. Read criteria and porcess or Fill the application form online.

D.light products-durable, portable, easy to charge, safe to use  solar lanterns made for rural consumers. Read more for product details. 

chase communty vote

GiveIndia has won US$25,000 as part of the Chase Community Giving event on Facebook. We'd like to say a big thank you to all those who voted, sent the link to their friends, wrote about in their blog, tweeted it and helped get the vote out! Now we're on to the next round - one prize of US$1 MILLION and five runner-up prizes of US$100,000.Voting starts January 15, so be ready!.


New NGO to join GiveIndia this month Shoshit Seva Sangh 

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