GiveIndia Newsletter, December 2008

Wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year !

In this issue:
Annual Renewal
Giving in numbers
Listing workshop
Read to Lead initiative
Donor speak
Annual Renewal:
Listing renewal is an annual exercise undertaken by GiveIndia and the objective is to ensure that our partner NGOs continue to adhere to the accountability and transparency norms they committed to at the time of listing. The first 10 NGOs who have completed the process are as under. Congratulations!

Cheers to another year of fruitful relationship!



Shikshan Ane Samaj Kalyan Kendra 22/10/2008
National Rural Research and Development Association(NARAD) 31/10/2008
Sense International 10/11/2008
Andhjan Kalyan Trust 10/11/2008
Ahmedabad Women's Action Group 11/11/2008
Society for the Promotion of Rational Thinking 12/11/2008
Grace Peter Charitable Trust 14/11/2008
Catalysts For Social Action (CSA) 18/11/2008
PREED 20/11/2008
Jeevan Blood Bank And Research Center 25/11/2008
Sanskruti Samwardhan Mandal 25/11/2008
Giving in Numbers:

Top 5 NGOs receiving funds this month are:-

Sevalaya 180258
Association for Rural Development and Action Research (ARDAR) 157656
National Association for the Blind, India 144862
Child Aid Foundation 112420
Salaam Baalak Trust- Mumbai 90909
Listing workshop:

During last two moths we conducted two workshops briefing NGOs how to get listed with GiveIndia at Hyderabad and Kolkata. Both were well attended by approximately 30 NGOs. We hope these NGOs will complete their listing procedure soon and come on board.

Read to Lead initiative:

GiveIndia was entrusted with implementing the Read to Lead initiative launched by ICICI Bank to bridge gaps in the access to formal schooling for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.
GiveIndia built partnerships with 25 NGO's in the field of education, benefiting from their expertise and experience, and facilitating their work at scale. Building on the expectations of the initiative, and the existing practices and experience of these 25 NGO partners, Rs.1000 per child annually was earmarked to reach out to 100,000 children.

Donor speak:

Arthi Srinivasan who lives in Dubai wrote:

“I made a donation through GiveIndia because I am aware of how difficult it is for those below the poverty line in India and the numbers are significant compared to the more affluent in our country. Education in my opinion can do wonders to an individual irrespective of what their caste, language, creed or race is. And it is with this motivation in mind that I decided to encourage the cause of education of a girl child and GiveIndia provided the opportunity for me to realise my objective.

The feedback I received from GiveIndia was extremely useful in letting me know of my donation was utilised and who the beneficiary was. It was heart warming to see the picture of the child that is benefitting from the little help that I could provide." is the way that Indians living in the UAE, US, UK, Singapore and all over the world reach out and help their country.

NGO feedback efficiency ratings:
View NGO feedback efficiency ratings as of November 10.

New NGOs on the block:
6 NGOs got listed with GiveIndia this month. These are:
Public Welfare and Development Society (PWDS)
Centre for Social Reconstruction(CSR)
Diya Foundation(DIYA)
Vidyaranya Education and Development Society(VEDS)
Narikuravar Education And Welfare Society

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*Be part of the GiveIndia cause on Facebook

Read about us:
The NGO to be featured in MoneyLife magazine this month is:
Children Toy Foundation

New Partnerships
We forged two new partnerships this month -

Started by a few students of XLRI, Jamshedpur, Dream4Others is an online research venture. They believe that "the dream for a better India is somewhere in the mind of every Indian"; and so they help people to do their bit through their website.

All one needs to do to "be the change" is register oneself at and answer a few questions. Every time you answer these questions, Dream4Others will donate Rs.50/- to Rs.200/- to a charitable social welfare organisation on your behalf - GiveIndia's 140+ NGOs are part of the list of organisations that they will donate to.

GiveIndia has also partnered with The Better India to help people make a difference. The Better India website features stories about social and economic development initiatives across India. Go to The Better India to read postive stories of how India is making progress. The Better India offers their readers the opportunity to ACT NOW by making a donation through GiveIndia.

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