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Foundation day was  celebrated  on July 16th at Shoshit Seva Sangh

The students put-up cultural performances which included folk dances and a one act play from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The function was attended by over 200    parents and guardians of the students.

Bread Society helps rural kids access quality books
Thousands of rural children now have access to nearly 500 libraries in the remotest areas of Andhra Pradesh thanks to Bread Society. Watch the video coverage of their library program in CNN IBN India Positive program opening this link.

Best Public Service Award

Ritham Special School for the Mentally Challenged Children received the best public service award from the Rotary Governor during his official visit.

Article in New York Times / International Herald Tribune on Muktangan

The article highlighted the effectiveness, relevance and role of the Muktangan integrated model of school and teacher training. It emphasizes its potential for developing and training teachers, engaging with children and its community impact. Read more...

State level Judo  competition
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The children of Rainbow Life Children Home run by Hariksha People's Welfare Trust participated in state level judo competition and won awards in the sub junior category last month.

Serve2Gether Consultancy for RHCF
Rural Health care Foundation has won the Serve2Gether consultancy competition organized by American Express. Serve2Gether Consulting matches the selected non-profits and social enterprises with employees on short term projects to address specific organizational  challenge / opportunity.

Fundraising Tip

Is your board one of the most powerful resources? Two steps to transform board members into energized partners
1. Create opportunities for open dialogue with individual board members about their interests, needs, desires and resources.
2. Within this context, set them goals and make them personalized and explicit.

Click to read a detailed report from a blog with examples.

Curtain Raiser to the 5th India Giving Challenge (3rd September - 17th October)

Early bird prize for the first 50 NGOs who create their iGive pages by 2 September, 2013 !!
Create your fundraising page by 2nd September mid night and raise a minimum of Rs.25000 during the course of the competition. You will receive a matching grant of Rs.5000. So HURRY now.

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Registrations for the event has begun.  Visit  to register now. Gaining from the previous four years, this year the India Giving Challenge promises to become bigger than ever, with Matching Grants worth a whopping Rs. 1 crore.

Top 10 NGOs MDO disbursement (INR)


Top 10 NGOs regular disbursement


New NGOs who joined the Tier I listing

1. Bhavada Devi Memorial Philanthropic  Trust (SENEH)
2. Isha Education
3. Turnstone Global

Special Consultative Status from United Nations Economic and Social Council

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The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) has granted Special consultative status to  Indian Dreams Foundation and Rural Health Care Foundation, two of our Tier I NGOs in the resumed session in July this year. Consultative status for an organization enables it to actively engage with ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies, as well as with the United Nations Secretariat, programmes, funds and agencies in a number of ways.  Consultative status is granted to NGOs based on their expertise in development projects, grassroots implementation strategy, governance and financial stability. The Special category is granted to NGOs with competence in a few of the fields of activities covered by the ECOSOC. NGOs with Special Consultative Status can circulate statements of a certain length at the Council meetings and are required to submit quadrennial reports. It is truly a privilege to get this status and the NGOs have to meet the obligations required under this relationship. Our CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH THE PARTNERS OF GIVEINDIA. Refer to this link to know details about ECOSOC Status - basic facts, application, submission dates etc.

Awards and Opportunities

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Manthan Award 2013 for Social Media & Empowerment in INDIA

Inviting organisations and initiatives who use Social Media effectively to meet their mission and needs. Last date for nominations is 15th Sep, 2013. For details on Eligibility criteria, guidelines and to download nomination form, visit this link. Contact numbers: +91-11-26532786/87, +91-11-46080646 and email

Yes We Can Foundation to support ‘Refurbishment’ of 10 Schools across India

The key criteria of the development plan for transforming schools by refurbishment is to identify small changes that won’t cost much but could make a big difference and have a tangible impact to the operation of the school. Interested schools write to and click the link to know more.

Donation of wheelchairs that will make a difference in the life of  disabled persons
Rotary Club of Deonar wants to donate 500 wheelchairs to those needy and cannot afford the same. Drop an email to Mr. Nitin Wadhwani or contact him in his mobile + 91 99875 98509 for more details.

Acumen India Fellows Program Launched
The India Fellows Program is a leadership development program that focuses on developing the next generation of social change leaders for India. Fellows can be working on any issue area, in any sector (including non-profit, for-profit, or government), and can be either entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs working within larger organizations. But Fellows must have been leading their social impact initiative for at least 2 years, and must be from India and dedicated to India’s development. Deadline to apply is 2, September 2013. Visit the link to learn more and apply.

Fundraising value metrics that matter

1. Number of new donors who make a second donation and how early do they make
2. Number of new donors who are retained into the second year
3. What is their multiple year retention rate?
4. What is the lifetime value (LTV) of a donor?  More info here.

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