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Top 10 NGOs who received funds in August
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First Givers Summit 2011
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NGOs listed in August

Annual Report 2010-11

Click on the image to read GiveIndia's comprehensive annual report for 2010-11.

Fund Raising Information
The International Workshop on Resource Mobilisation (IWRM) Asia 2011 will take place from 25-28 October 2011 at Hotel Ambassador in Bangkok, Thailand.The aim of the IWRM Asia is to enhance the ability of Asian NGOs to mobilise resources for their causes. For registration form and details of who should attend, click this link. For any other queries, write to IWRM Asia team or call +91 11 4135 4766.

SAFRG Institute of Fundraising in association with Care and Concern Foundation, announces a 20 days full time Certificate Course in Fundraising & Communications from 5th to 27th Sep 2011 at the insitute campus in Peeraghari, New Delhi. Fee for this non residential course is Rs.27000. Contact Vandana at +91 11 2518 5110 / +91 9540057641 or write to

The Innovation for India Awards was institutionalized by Marico Innovation Foundation [MIF] in 2006, with an aim to recognize the innovations in India. This year the various award categories are Business, Business for Social, Social (Non-profit and For-profit) and Public Service. Write to the outreach partner IDOBRO or Marico Innovation Foundation for further details.
Gul panag image
Gul Panag, actress and model invites NGOs to tap into a world of volunteers who can help you in making a difference by giving of their time, talent or treasure! Log into SOAP-Social Outreach Accreditation Program! The ‘facebook’ of volunteering where you can build your own profile, post projects that require volunteers or expertise to help you, along with funding to get these projects off the ground. You can access both short and long term volunteers for a range of support for your NGO. Volunteers that provide ‘hands on deck’ or key ‘skills and expertise’ to support you.

3 ways social sector can innovate- tip from  Harvard Business Review

The social sector is not known for big innovation. It could be because of limited resources or because the consequences of failure are so high. Take small but meaningful steps toward innovation:
Question what you do Encourage everyone to ask the question: Is there a better way to do this? This creates a culture of evaluation and new ideas.
Engage members Don't leave staff to figure it out alone. Ask donors, board members, and clients to brainstorm with you about how your organization can improve.
Partner, partner, partner Chances are that others in your space are strapped for resources like yourself. There's no reason to be proprietary over innovations. Bring together partners to discuss new ideas and share resources to test them out.

India Giving Challenge 2011

It's time to set up your iGive page for the India Giving Challenge

In the previous edition of our newsletter we had informed you that the India Giving Challenge will be held from September 6th to October 20th, 2011. To help NGOs understand the concept of this online fundraising event, workshops were conducted in 9 cities across the country and were attended by 520+ NGOs.

Well, the workshops are now over and it's now time to set up your iGive page for the challenge. Here's a step-by-step guide that will help you in doing so. View this PDF to understand how the different fields will be displayed on your iGive page.

Remember, fundraising for the challenge begins on September 6th, so be prepared with your iGive page in time!

5 good reasons to participate in the India Giving Challenge?

-A great opportunity to raise money for your cause
-An opportunity to re-engage with old donors
-Ability to tap new donors and alliances with corporates
-Organise and motivate your best and largest fund raisers to raise money for your cause
-Matching funds from GiveIndia will enable you to raise even more!

To make most of the challenge we urge you to check your emails regularly as we will be updating and guiding you about the challenge on a frequent basis. Get in touch with or to learn how you can set up your iGive page for your NGO.

Renewal donation for our Tier I NGOs

As you might be aware we are in the process of reviewing our listing criteria. As part of this, we conducted a donor survey in April, 2010. One key result of the survey was that many of our donors would like us to visit an NGO as part of our listing due diligence. During the course of our random verification visits of NGOs, we're also encountering many situations where the reality on the ground doesn't match with the claims made in the Donation options or other documents. We have therefore made a visit mandatory for any NGO wishing to be listed/listed on the GiveIndia website. Our listing donation of Rs.7500 would not cover the cost of an NGO visit and therefore we increased the same to Rs.14000 in May, 2011.

For already listed NGOs, we are increasing the Renewal Donation to Rs.8000 from the current Rs.5000 to help us partly cover the visit cost. The additional Rs. 3000 will help subsidize cost of travel, stay and honorarium/time cost of the assessors. We understand that this is a very steep hike in the renewal donation, and we deeply regret the inconvenience. If partner NGOs feel this additional cost makes listing on GiveIndia un-worthwhile, we totally understand your concern.

We intend to undertake visits to each NGO (office & every program field area which covers all donation options listed on our website). In preparation of this visit we are reaching out to all Tier I NGOs (some of you have already been contacted by us & others will be contacted in the next few weeks) to fill out a DO Form. Please write to Valli at if you have any questions.

A legal checklist for donors & FCRA 2010

Pls click on the links below to read a legal checklist for Donors and important issues related to FCRA 2010.

GiveIndia's First Givers Summit 2011

The second annual First Givers Summit on 1st of August was a success. The event was attended by about 60 members of the club comprising of CXO's of various companies, businessmen and industrialists. The members ranged from a group of experienced givers in the field to anxious new givers. Mr.Azim Premji was present over video-conference and shared his thought process, his ambitions for the University, and finally his learnings over the years emphasizing the importance of committing time along with money. Mr. Premji mentioned that he personally commits 50% of his time to the work of his foundation and plans to increase it as it starts to achieve scale. Mr. Rakesh Jhujhunwala who enlightened the members with his views on philanthropy pledged to give away 25% of his wealth during his lifetime. Dr. Banerjee, founder MIT-JPAL spoke about measuring impact followed by Ramji Raghavan Founder, Agastya and Shaheen Mistri, CEO Teach for India talking about the way they look at impact and the challenges in measuring the same.

Top 10 NGOs funds disbursed this August

More news ....
Shoshit image
The 5th Foundation Day function of Shoshit Seva Sangh was held on 16th July, 2011. The students of the school gave an impressive cultural performance. Joanna Stone from Philadelphia conducted a 4 day workshop for the faculty.

G.Mallikarjuna, President of SERUDS has received commendation certificate from the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh on the eve of 65th Independence Day on 15th August 2011 for rendering excellent social service to the underprivileged children, disadvantaged women, dalit widows, rural development in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh.

The Ma Foi Foundation is delighted to share that Sornammal Matriculation Higher Secondary School has achieved 100% pass results this year in the 10th and 12th standard. Over 450 Disha scholars in X Grade and 32 students in XII Grade students scored above 80%

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