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                                                               April 2008

Dear NGO,

We are happy to inform you that in the year 2007-08, through our sites,, we raised Rs 4.49 crores. To know the top recipients and the most popular donation causes, click here.

Sattva, an online monthly magazine dedicated to the social sector, is conducting a survey to understand information sharing process in the social sector. Read more...

Also, featured in this issue:

  • Award winning NGOs in Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon
  • New Fund raising tool
  • New NGOs on the block!
  • GiveIndia blog
  • Updates from GiveIndia Payroll Giving


Sattva (, an online monthly magazine dedicated to the social sector, is conducting a survey to better understand the kind of information that is shared and used by the social sector and the effectiveness of current mechanisms/channels of receiving and sharing this information. The survey has been designed with inputs from NGOs and other social sector support organizations.

We request you to please take the 5 min survey and help Sattva learn. Click here to take the survey.

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Funds disbursed:

Top 10 NGOs to receive funds in 2007-08 through our sites, are

Amount disbursed
(in Rupees Lacs)
The Banyan
Child Aid Foundation
Seva Mandir
Association for Rural Development and Action Research (ARDAR)
Udayan Care
Childline India Foundation
Andhjan Kalyan Trust
Dream A Dream
Child Survival India
TANKER Foundation

Most popular donation causes:

The causes that received maximum funds through GiveIndia last year were
Causes % of funds channeled thru GI

Award winning NGOs in Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon
In the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, 2008, 3 out of the 4 NGOs which were facilitated at an Awards Ceremony on April 10,2008 were the GiveIndia listed NGOs.
  • Childline India Foundation - Highest Pledge Raising NGO having Corporate Challenge contributions with minimum 3 companies contributing
  • Indian Council for Mental Health (Hygiene) - Highest Pledge Raising NGO excluding corporate challenge contributions, with minimum 5 pledge raisers
  • Meljol - 2nd Highest Pledge Raising NGO.


New Fund raising tool
One of the most effective tools for NGOs to raise funds for themselves is iGive on GiveIndia. How can you use it?
  • To raise funds for a particular cause or project, for example, if your NGO needs to buy computer equipment or other one time purchases.
  • On the occassion of your organisation's birthday or founding day, set up a page and invite your all your supporters to make a small donation.
  • Ask a donor or volunteer to celebrate a special day in their lives like a birthday or anniversary by setting up a page to benefit your NGO.

For more information on how iGive can help your organisation and for assistance in setting up an iGive page, please contact

Here is a sample for you to have a look at.


New NGOs on the block!

We would like to welcome the following new NGOs on our website:
Mobile Creches for working mothers' children, SEEDA, Sahara Mumbai, Sahaara Orissa & Bridge Trust

GiveIndia blog
Please visit and subscribe to our brand new blog. It's a great way to keep abreast of happenings at GiveIndia. In case you have any ideas or suggestions for blog posts, please write to

Updates from GiveIndia Payroll Giving
GiveIndia now has nearly 24,000 payroll givers. The growth has been quite steep, up from 8,500 last year, and 3,000 the year before that. These 24,000 employees together contribute nearly half a crore every month to various causes.
Cadbury's becomes the latest organization to implement Payroll Giving. The programme has been named 'Touch A Life.' Our thanks to Mr. Anand Kripalu, Managing Director, for implementing the programme and to Ransom D'Souza for his enthusiasm in personalizing the programme at Cadbury's.
Adventity has become another Payroll Giving organization. This Mumbai-based BPO launched the programme at a townhall meeting with several hundred employees present. Adventity has nearly 2,500 employees.
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