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Top 10 NGOs who received funds in July
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New NGOs listed in July Hemophilia Federation (India)
Praja Pragathi Trust

Feedback efficiency ratings
View NGO feedback efficiency ratings as of July 2010.

Incredible!!! An NGO for every 400 Indians. How?
There are roughly 1.2 billion people in India and 3 million NGOs. Click this link to read more.

InspirED-Conference for  innovative educators and teachers August 27-29, 2010
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The InspirED conference will bring together innovative educators from diverse schools and communities across India. These teachers will be from rural and urban areas, from schools with a range of access to resources, and from a diverse array of geographic areas. Click on the image to apply or write to to know more.

GiveIndia organised "The Future of Leadership" a round table seminar.

100 pledge to donate money and time for charity at "Giving Summit organised by GiveIndia.

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Reliance Infrastructure and Whirlpool became the latest organizations to sign up for the Payroll Giving programme. The implementation has also just commenced at Asian Paints, Apollo Tyres with a very good response from the employees.

Tip of the month!!
Do you follow the Board Rotation Policy mentioned in your rules and regulations? If not, don't delay. Follow your own guidelines, adhere to this norm and start complying from now.

India Giving Challenge 2010

We are happy to announce The India Giving Challenge (IGC) 2010 from September 8th 2010 to October 20th 2010. This event, launched last year, to encourage NGOs and companies to raise funds online and get rewarded for their efforts in turn, was a tremendous success. The total matching grant offered by GiveIndia was Rs.50 Lacs; and over Rs.90 Lacs was raised through 5,000+ donors for over 60 NGOs. This year, not only are there more prizes but the matching grant on offer is also bigger. GiveIndia Tier I & Tier II NGOs are automatically registered for the event and can write to to learn more. Other NGOs wishing to register for this event can write to  

Accreditation of Credibility Alliance

We are very pleased to announce that the following Partner NGOS of GiveIndia have successfully fulfilled the accreditation process of Credibility Alliance. Andhajan Kalyan Trust, ASHADEEP, Bani Mandir, Catalysts for Social Action, Compassionate Rural Association for Social Action (CRASA), Education, Communication & Development Trust (EDUCATR), Paripurnata Half-Way Home, Rural Organising for Social Improvement foundation (ROSI Foundation), Sai Kripa, Samveda Training & Research  Centre, Sshrishti, Vikahar Pribar Bikas Kendra (VPBK), Village Development Centre (VDC) and Voluntary Health Association Tripura (VHAT). Congratulations to all of them! 

We would like to inform you that Credibility Alliance has launched 2nd phase of accreditation campaign with the help of a grant from Canadian High Commission (CFLI). This is a great opportunity for GiveIndia listed NGOs to go through the accreditation at a nominal cost (less than the usual cost) and little effort. As GiveIndia follows Credibility Alliance norms for listing purposes, you will find it easier to comply with the requirements.
Please read the announcement here and apply to Credibility Alliance immediately, if you have not done that already.

NEFT Transfers

As you know GiveIndia made test transfers through NEFT of Rs.5 to Non FC & FCRA accounts for all non ICICI Bank accounts on 22nd July, 2010. We had to do this because every month our back office has issues of failed disbursements. This is largely due to the fact that many of you do not inform us when there is any change in your bank details. GiveIndia works with a small team that handles disbursements to over 275 NGOs and any errors result in time loss for us. We hope to resolve most issues through this test transfer and request all  to inform us immediately (at ) when there are any changes in your bank details.  Going forward GiveIndia will deduct Rs.100 from disbursements due to you in case you have failed to report any changes in your bank details.

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GiveIndia is proud to announce the launch of First Givers Club, a platform to drive an active giving culture and help build a community of donors committed to various social causes. The members of the club have a stated intent of donating Rs. 500,000 or more and engage at least 40 hours of their time per annum to ANY cause(s) of their choice. More than 100 professionals have taken this pledge to set a new standard of giving!

The launch summit, on July 30th brought members together with philanthropists and leading policy makers. The focal points of the first summit were to give members a better understanding of how much to give, who to give to and how, and involving the family in the process. Dr. Nitin Nohria (Dean, Harvard Business School) and Mr. Kevin Salwen (Author, "The Power of Half") were the key note speakers at the summit. Click the links on the left for program details.

Top 10 NGOs who received funds in June


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