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October 02, 2014
Kartiji Nitin Lawate

Give a hand to make a difference

md-give-a-hand-to-make-a-difference With the Joy of Giving Week being celebrated from October 2 to 8, the guide gives you a snapshot of events happening around the city KARTIKI NITIN LAWATE

THE Joy of Giving Week or DaanUtsav was started in 2009 and brings together Indians from all walks of life to celebrate the act of giving. To mark the occasion, there are events held across the city.

During the Week, people from all sections of the society, including rickshaw drivers, CEOs, school children, celebrities and homemakers dedicate their time, money, and skills to a cause.

Tanuja Krishnan, a volunteer at the Week, explains, “ No one owns DaanUtsav; it is designed as a festival of giving.

Like Diwali or Dussehra, the plan is for it to eventually have no owners.

However, in the initial years, to give it a sense of shape, a group of core volunteers manages the DaanUtsav campaign, defines guidelines for participation and evangelises the effort.” She adds that several NGOs and volunteers from Pune also participate in the event.

Dhaval Udhani, CEO of GiveIndia, an NGO participating in the Week, states, “ The Joy of Giving Week is a celebration of philanthropy and giving.

GiveIndia wishes to create a strong giving culture where Indians donate 2% of their income every year to give the underprivileged a chance.” During this event, NGOs raise funds for themselves while corporates nominate NGOs they wish to support and raise funds for them.

Apart from that, GiveIndia also provides the option of Gift A Donation where people can go online and donate any amount of money.

To make a difference, you can organise a collection drive of clothes, toys and books; donate toys, stationery and clothes or volunteer across the city.

EMAIL info@ daanutsav. org CALL 07930401919