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GiveIndia Newsletter, May 2011

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Do your bit as India is chosen global host for World Environment Day 2011»

Additional Level of Scrutiny: Feedback Verification Visits to GiveIndia NGOs»

Giving made easier: Standing Instructions programme»

Change a life:
Sponsor a tricycle for a physically challenged person - Rs. 4,500»

Sponsor a month's skill training for a street-based drug user - Rs. 3,000»

Sponsor the education of a child labourer for a year - Rs. 2,200 »

Do your bit as India is chosen global host for World Environment Day 2011

World Environment dayAs our country prepares to be the global host for World Environment Day 2011 on June 5, we would like to share with you an inspiring story on how a simple act of kindness changed the lives of residents of Palsera village, in Kotra block of southern Rajasthan.

Thanks to a donor's kindness, Seva Mandir - a grassroots NGO working for the underprivileged and the environment - was able to develop one hectare of pastureland to provide grass and trees for tribal families. They chose to develop a drought-prone area that had further withered away because of poor management by the local government.

Thanks to the coordinated efforts of a donor, Seva Mandir and the villagers, the once scanty and fast depleting Palsera pastureland is green today. Its produce is a great source of livelihood for the villagers, thereby empowering the local village community too.


Additional Level of Scrutiny: Feedback Verification Visits to GiveIndia NGOs
Feedback Verification Report

In addition to certifying NGOs before they are made available on our website, we have always ensured that your donation reaches the beneficiary it is intended for and is utilized as mentioned in the feedback report. We are happy to inform you that we have added an additional level of scrutiny to our procedures - a feedback verfication visit.

A feedback verification visit is a random physical visit to a beneficiary to determine that he/she has received the benefits outlined in the feedback report, from the NGO. We aim to verify every single NGO that has received funds through us by checking upon a randomly picked donation - to keep the process completely transparent.

GiveIndia needs volunteers to perform verification visits. If you would like to volunteer for the same, please contact us at

list of NGOs

Giving made easier: Standing Instructions programme

Standing Instructions ProgrammeThat's right! Our Standing Instructions programme makes giving easier. By enabling you to set aside as little as Rs. 110 every month, to donate to charity at a later date.

All you need to do to get started is sign up today!. Choose to give regularly from your:
Credit Card OR
ICICI Bank Netbanking Account OR
fill out the HDFC Bank Standing Instructions form OR
ICICI Bank Standing Instructions form

Every month an amount specified by you will get debited from your bank account/ credit card and will get accumulated in your online GiveIndia account, which you log into at any time and donate.
Standing Instruction

Giving in Numbers:

A total of Rs. 51.3 lacs was disbursed to 220 NGOs last month.

The top 5 NGOs to receive the most funds were:

1.Sevalaya - Rs. 1,56,757

2. Bani Mandir - Rs. 1,30,845

3. Dr. Shroff's Charity Eye Hospital - Rs. 1,08,983

4. Deepalaya - Rs. 95,209

5.Sri Arunodayam - Rs. 90,951

The 5 NGOs that received the least funds last month are:

1. Atma Nirbhar-Ek Challenge - Rs. 2,000

2.VAANI, Deaf Children's Foundation - Rs. 2,000

3.Dream A Dream - Rs 1,789

4.Kutumba -

5.Ashadeep - Rs. 760

New NGOs on the block:

GiveIndia welcomes the following NGOs on board. Be one of the first to support their activities by clicking on their names and learning about their donation options:

I Create Rajasthan, Jaipur: Their vision is to aspire young minds to become entrepreneurs. They also seek to provide motivation and training to women of weaker sections of society so that they can start small enterprises with mentoring and micro loans.

Sarvodaya Integrated Rural Development Society (SIRDS): They support child rights and provide better education and health conditions to underprivileged children. They are also involved in promoting income generation among rural poor through farm and non-farm activities.

Women's Education and Economic Development Society: Their vision is to remove discriminations and prejudices of every kind across all sections of society. They work towards promoting gender equality through education and sustainable livelihood, for women, children and other weaker sections of society.

Change a Life:
rural womenEmpower a poor woman by sponsoring craft and embroidery training for her- Rs. 2,300»

ElderlyHelp a poor elderly to regain vision through a cataract surgery - Rs. 1,800»

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