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May, 2008 


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Real Givers, Real Stories

Abhishek Mundra from ICICI Bank shares "The belief that one's money gets valued and gets utilised perfectly to the last penny made me donate through GiveIndia. Everyone likes to contribute but lack of proper channel compounded with the lack of reliability and transparency provided by the organisation takes the contributing individual to the back seat. GiveIndia provides a proper feedback with minute details even for a small sum.
GiveIndia ensures personalised responses to donors and ensures that the donors become a part of their greater family towards contribution
Abhishek sponsored Tai's education for one year. To know more about Tai, click here.

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Sponsor medical care for a TB patient for 6 months»
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Cause of the month: Disability

Information, though conservative, shows that there are 70 million disabled people in India. One in every ten children or 3% of the country's total child population also falls in this category.
The government itself admits that of the total disabled population, only 2% are educated and 1% employed. No effort or priority is being made to give them a better world - a small gift of a hearing aid, wheelchair or Braille kit will make a difference.
Here is your chance to make a difference to someone's life:
Provide a very poor family with a wooden cot»
Sunday Medical Camp for 100 people»
Sponsor a youth's computer training»                            
Giving in numbers:


This month, GiveIndia disbursed approx. Rs46lacs to 103 GiveIndia listed NGOs across all the 10 causes.
The top 3 supported causes this month are Education, Disability and Child welfare.  GiveIndia has channelled Rs644,642, Rs530,088 and Rs524,771 towards each of these causes respectively. The highest individual donation  is Rs84,656.

No. of NGOs receiving < Rs5000


No. of NGOs receiving » Rs25000


No. of NGOs receiving » Rs100000


Also, in the month of April, GiveIndia sent approx. 2000 feedback reports to the donors.
Details of the top 5 NGOs receiving funds through GiveIndia:

Latest News from the Payroll Giving team
2007-08 has been a good year for GiveIndia's Payroll Giving programme. During the past year, our number of payroll givers has grown from 8,500 to 24,000. Thanks mainly to the companies who have been enthusiastically promoting the programme and encouraging employees to enroll. These 24,000 employees contribute nearly Rs45lacs every month to various causes.
During this year, 22 new companies implemented the programme. This includes Deutsche Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Bajaj Auto, Bajaj Allianz, DSP Merill Lynch, McKinsey, Cadburys, Genpact etc. To know who all have joined the movement, click here.
Important information for our Payroll Givers: Please take time now to check your account balance and donate. Only then will your money reach a beneficiary in need. To check your account balance, please visit GiveIndia.org
Real Givers, Real Stories

Abhishek Mundra sponsored the education of Tai through the GiveIndia listed NGO Social Action for Association & Development.
Tai is a 9 year old child. She is studying in 2nd class at Marathwada high school, Parbhani. Tai comes from a poor family and her mother, Kamalbai Jadhav is a 'Devdasi'. Thanks to GiveIndia donor, Abhishek Mundra, Tai has been supported in her educational needs. The donation has helped Tai continue her education.
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