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GiveIndia Newsletter, June 2011

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A crossword to test your 'Philanthropic Quotient'

We are listening to you...»

Got an I-mint card? Redeem your points for charity»

Change a life:
Help a poor woman to earn a living through tailoring - Rs. 4,400»

Provide food and medical care for a poor elderly person - Rs. 3,200»

Feed 50 visually-impaired children for a day - Rs. 2,500»

A crossword to test your 'Philanthropy Quotient' !

Philanthropy Crossword Which famous American has pledged to give away 99% of his wealth? Name one of the co-founders of "the Giving Pledge"? Name the Pakistani cricketer who built the nation's first cancer hospital. If these questions have got your philanthropic juices flowing, we suggest you give our crossword on philanthropy a shot.

The first 3 all-correct entries will receive donation vouchers of Rs. 1,000 each to use on the GiveIndia site. In addition, the first 10 all-correct entries will receive a book (The Power of Half) about a family who gave away 50% of their wealth for charitable causes of their choice.

Philanthropy Puzzle
We are listening to you...

Donor SurveyAs a part of an exercise to review our Listing criteria, we conducted a donor survey in April 2010; through which many of you said that you would like GiveIndia to visit NGOs before making them available on our website.

We're happy to share with you that we have thus decided to make an NGO-visit a mandatory part of the listing process. We can assure you that our teams will be visiting all our listed as well as pipeline NGOs, from this year onwards.

We have incorporated two more changes in our Listing criteria as a result of the findings from our survey:

Earlier no religious or political organizations could list with us. However, we observed many such organizations working for the benefit of poor without bias of religion/caste/race/tribe. Hence, we have now decided that religious and political organizations can apply for listing as long as funds raised through GiveIndia are used by those NGOs for non-religious/non-political purposes.

Further, earlier organizations had to demonstrate that 50% of the beneficiaries in their programmes came from the poorest of poor segments of society. However, this was found to be too restrictive and did not allow organizations with less than 50% poor beneficiaries to be listed with GiveIndia. So, we have changed this criteria so that organizations applying for listing must ensure that 100% beneficiaries of donations received through GiveIndia are poor - irrespective of its total beneficiary pool.

Got an i-mint card? Redeem your points for charity
I-mint Logo

We're happy to share with you that we have tied up with i-mint - a reward points platform for well known brands like ICICI Bank, HPCL,, Airtel, Air India etc. You can now redeem your i-mint points towards charity vouchers in the "Hand Picked Rewards" section!

So use your rewards points to educate a girl child (2,332 points), provide a mid-day meal to a child for a year (4,400 points), sponsor an elderly person's cataract operation (6,000 points) or a medical check-up for a poor pregnant woman (2,860 points).

Over the past 6 weeks, i-mint customers have:

  • Educated 123 girl children for a month each
  • Provided a mid-day meal to 96 children for a year
  • Sponsored a Cataract operation for 39 elderly people
  • Sponsored a medical check-up for 25 pregnant women


Giving in Numbers:

A total of Rs. 56.1 lacs was disbursed to 212 NGOs last month.

The top 5 NGOs to receive the most funds were:

1. Salaam Baalak Trust- Mumbai - Rs. 4,70,121

2. Association for Rural Development and Action Research - Rs. 1,91,281

3. Sevalaya - Rs. 1,89,329

4. Deepalaya- Rs. 1,45,271

5. Bani Mandir - Rs. 1,22,605

The 5 NGOs that received the least funds were:

1. Score Foundation - Rs. 1,200

2. Divya Chaya Trust - Rs. 1,000

3. Shikshan Ane Samaj Kalyan Kendra - Rs. 840

4. Wise Men Civic Welfare Association -
Rs. 630

5. Life Trust - Rs. 500

New NGOs on the block:

GiveIndia welcomes the following NGOs on board. Be one of the first to support their activities:

Dhruvpath Trust: Their vision is to provide medical care and support to the disabled and elderly in rural areas. They are working to provide medical relief as well as creating awareness among the neglected and underprivileged.

Sabuj Sangha: Their vision is to support child rights and provide better education and health conditions to underprivileged children. Along with providing residential shelter to poor children, they are actively involved in spreading awareness about education in remote areas.

Wise Men Civic Welfare Association: Their vision is to provide education, food and shelter to destitute women and children. They aim to integrate education and technology to provide employment opportunities for the growth of underprivileged.

Change a Life:

HIV positive orphanProvide nourishment and care to an HIV positive orphan - Rs. 4,000»

poor womenHelp a poor pregnant woman to have a safe delivery - Rs. 3,200»

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