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  June, 2008 

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Success story?

Donor speaks?

Test your Philanthropy Quotient?

Giving in numbers?

News from Payroll Giving?

New NGOs on GiveIndia?

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A Tribal Child's Education Expenses for a year
Provide a bicycle for a poor school going girl child
Medical help to a victim of Domestic violence
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 Success story


Rajesh is a seven year old child. His mother is a housemaid and was finding it difficult to meet the living expenses, so Rajesh was admitted to AnanyaTrust in October, 2006.

Rajesh likes to draw and very proudly shows his drawings of his version of millipedes and centipedes, of the birds he has seen to others. He likes to observe nature. Rajesh enjoys school; his mother says he looks forward to Mondays when he comes back to school after the weekend at home.
Rajesh's life has changed for better. Thanks to donors like you.

Donor speaks


Kirti Dhingra shares "I am really happy that my small contribution went such a long way in helping someone somewhere. I wished to make a difference to society and wanted to select a medium where I could choose the charity to which I could make a donation. GiveIndia provided me with such a platform.

It brought me great joy when I learnt that my small donation had played such a major role in changing the life of a young boy in Banaswadi, Bangalore."

Sponsor a child's education and make a difference! 

Share your story on giving: If you have a story to tell us on how you made a difference to someone?s life, we want to hear it. Please write to us at
Test your Philanthropy Quotient

1. What is referred to by the term 'habit' in this year's theme for World Environment Day - "Kick the Habit!..."
2. What occasion is marked around the world on 12th June every year?
3. 'The Miracle Worker' is a film based on whose life? Who does it refer to?
4. How many units of blood are donated around the world annually?
5. Who said this - "No one has ever become poor by giving."  
Check the answers below.  

Giving in numbers


This month, GiveIndia disbursed approx. Rs34 lacs to 97 GiveIndia listed NGOs.

Top 5 NGOs receiving funds this month
The Naz Foundation  272,418
ARDAR  239,094
Mobile Creches,Delhi  211,662
Child Aid Foundation  170,498
Andhjan Kalyan Trust  122,198
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News from Payroll Giving


WNS has crossed 1,000 payroll givers at their Gurgaon office alone. Our thanks to all the coordinators and employees of WNS for the wonderful support they extended to the programme!
The GiveIndia Payroll Giving team is on a drive to get employees to make their donations from their GiveIndia account balance. While it is the choice of the employees to make their donations as and when they choose, the team is guiding those that need assistance to do so. A series of 6 mailers is going out to all employees, followed by the team meeting the employees...
Read some of the wonderful testimonials we received from Genpact payroll givers.

New NGOs on GiveIndia


  • The Bridge Public Charitable Trust 
  • Village Development Centre 
  • Vivekananda Seva Samiti  
  • Parikrma Humanity Foundation 
  • Vishakha Group for Women's Education and Research 
  • Network for Enterprise Enhancement and Development Support (NEEDS)

Also, please note that GiveIndia has delisted the following NGOs:

  • Helpage, ICMH, AMBA -  non compliance with GiveIndia's listing renewal process.  
  •  Anga Karunya Kendra - Not meeting the requirement of sending feedback reports on time for donations utilised.
Answers to the quiz: 1 Habit refers to people's activities that increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere; the theme "Kick the Habit! Towards a Low Carbon Economy" urges people to cut down on the same.2. World Day Against Child Labour3. Helen Keller. It is a reference to her teacher Anne Sullivan.4. Over 80 million units. 5. Anne Frank

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