GiveIndia Newsletter, January 2009

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Payroll Giving Updates
Mumbai Terror Attacks Update
Secure Transactions
GiveIndia in the blogosphere
Do you have a website?


Change a life
For Rs. 4,000, Sponsor a special meal at our Transit Home for 115 children»

For Rs.3,000, Sponsor 1 month Skills Training for a Street-Based Drug User»

For Rs.2,450, Sponsor a youth's computer training»

Donor speak
Venkatapraveen T. , a GiveIndia-donor, was very moved by the  feedback that he received for his donation towards the NGO, The National Association for the Blind. He says:

“I just want to say thanks to the whole organization. I found your site just by chance, by searching in Google and made a small donation. The response was great. I got tears in my eyes just by seeing the feedback you sent.

I had done so many donations through different organisations till now and till this time never got this kind of feedback. I will regularly participate in giving donations to different organizations through this site.”
 Payroll Giving Updates
Payroll Giving had a great start in the New Year. Patni Computer Systems Ltd, one of India’s leading IT services company is the latest company to join GiveIndia’s Payroll Giving programme. The launch took place at Patni’s office in Andheri, Mumbai on December 31, 2008. Present at the launch were Mr. Satish Joshi, Executive Director, and Mr. Rajesh Padmanabhan, Executive Vice President- HR.

Patni has over 12,000 employees across India, so a huge potential is to be tapped as GiveIndia Payroll Giving executives meet employees and introduce them to the programme. The Payroll Giving team would like to thank Sheeja and Dinpuii for all their support.

The Aditya Birla Group is ready to launch Payroll Giving throughout the group, starting with Aditya Birla Retail. Our sincere thanks to Santrupt Misra, Giri Giridhar, Shashikant, and Kripa for making this possible.

Our Delhi Payroll Giving team is going to be busy re-launching the programme to 10,000 employees at Genpact in Delhi. Saumya Lashkari at Genpact have been of great help and support.

If you are a Payroll Giver, you too can donate your account balance and change a life.
Mumbai Terror Attacks Update
The Bombay Community Public Trust (BCPT) has been raising funds for the victims of Mumbai's terror attacks through an iGive page on GiveIndia.

Read an update, sent by their Executive Trustee, Harsha Parekh, on how BCPT plans on utilising the funds raised. You can also make a donation through their iGive page.
Your online credit card transactions are more secure than ever
The credit card payment gateway which GiveIndia uses has started another layer of verification which ensures that your online credit card transaction is even more secure now. Donors transacting on our site need to provide their credit card password for online transactions (different than the CVV number) while making their payment. Contact your card's issuing bank for more details on how to get this password.
GiveIndia in the Blogosphere
In the past several weeks, we've been pleasantly surprised to see a number of people writing about GiveIndia in their blogs. Blogs are a great way for people to learn about the work we do because they are a personal endorsement. Read blog posts about GiveIndia.
Do you have a website?
If you have your own professional or personal website, then GiveIndia needs your help. By placing a GiveIndia banner on your website, you can drive traffic to our website and let more people know about our work. It will cost you nothing, but it can make a huge difference to people living in poverty. Please contact today to see how easy it is for you to help.
New NGOs on the block:
6 NGOs got listed with GiveIndia this month. These are:

Public Welfare & Development Society helps people living with HIV/AIDS as well as improves the overall quality of life for people in their target villages in Tamil Nadu.

Chitrika works with handloom weavers in Andhra Pradesh and aims to help one lakh artisans by 2015.

Narikuravar Education And Welfare Society (NEWS) is a NGO that ensures the social, economical, political and cultural enhancement of Narikuravar working through youth, women and their children.

Centre for Social Reconstruction (CSR) helps people to help themselves. Currently they work with many individuals and families affected by the HIV/AIDS crisis.

Vidyaranya Education and Development Society (VEDS) works with marginalised sections of society such as the Dalits, Tribals, women, children, disabled towards their empowerment.

Diya Foundation, based in Bangalore, works with mentally disabled adults to give them a life of dignity and pride.

Giving in numbers:
The top 5 NGOs who received  funds in the past month are:

Association for Rural Development & Action Research (ARDAR) - Rs. 2,21,441

Child Aid Foundation - Rs.  2,20,527

New Life - Rs. 1,80,845

Deepalaya - Rs. 1,80,050

Sevalaya - Rs. 1,25,148

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