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You can set up your own iGive page by simply filling in a few details, such as your reason for raising funds, how much you wish to raise etc. Once done, you need to do is send the link to people you know, from supporters to friends and relatives; and they can learn about your fundraising motives and support you by donating through your page.

This is how iGive works:

Step 1: Register with GiveIndia
The first thing you need to do is to register - it's easy and free! Once you have registered, your email address will be your User ID for your iGive page as well as all other transactions you make through GiveIndia. (If you are already registered with GiveIndia, please use that User ID and password).

Step 2: Create your own iGive Page
Share with others why, for whom and how much money you wish to collect. Including personal photographs as well as inspiring messages will motive others to donate (Please keep a 100*100 resolution image ready). Preview your page, make changes, if required, and create the page.

Step 3: Collect money by spreading the word
Email the link to your page ( to your family, friends and others. They can donate immediately and securely for your chosen cause and post messages of encouragement for you. Remind people to donate at regular intervals. The more you promote your iGive page, the quicker you will reach your targeted amount.

Step 4: Give the money you raised to your chosen cause
Once you have raised the targeted amount with the support of your donors, GiveIndia will send the donation money to the charity/NGO of your choice.

The more people donate through iGive, the bigger the difference you can make.

If you encounter any difficulties, please contact us at