Vodafone Delhi Half Marathon


Hundreds of feet pound the pavement...

Thousands of spectators watch and cheer...

A city is energised...

That's the Vodafone Delhi Half Marathon - Delhi's greatest event that we want you to be part of!

is the official Charity partner to the Vodafone Delhi Half Marathon. Delhiites have had a chance to be a part of this exciting event in October for the last two years.     


The Vodafone Delhi Half Marathon held on Oct 16, 2005 was a huge success with over 20,000 people participating. A total of Rs8.15 million was raised for 30 NGOs registered with us for fundraising. Over 600 employees from 21 corporate teams ran for their favourite NGOs and so did 15 runners on the Dream Team who raised a minimum of Rs100,000 each for their preferred charity. Celebrities like Kapil Dev, Vinod Khanna, Dr. Naresh Trehan, Rahul Bose made the event more exciting and popular.

In 2006, over 25,000 people took part in the Half Marathon, Great Delhi Run, Senior Citizens run and the wheelchair event; 10,000 more than earlier predicted. People from all walks of life ran and raised a total of Rs12.19 million for over 30 NGOs. Some ran for fun, some for the challenge of the sport but many because they believed they could make a difference - we at GiveIndia salute this spirit of optimism.

This year, 2007, the people of Delhi have come back with renewed vigour. There was a huge escalation in the number of people that came together for one of the largest events that Delhi witnesses. The optimism and enthusiasm displayed by all was heart warming, especially more since one knew that many of them were there running for a cause, wanting to create that difference in someone's life. We raise our hats to them!