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GiveIndia Announces the 'Joy of Giving Week'

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June 03, 2009
Business Standard
Times Of India

'The Joy of Giving Week' to be celebrated all over India from September 27-October 3, 2009, was announced here today. Conceptualised by GiveIndia, this unique and ambitious initiative aims to get people from all walks of life together to engage in acts of giving- money, time, skills or simple acts of kindness. From millionaires hosting large fundraising events to a slumdweller sharing 1 of his 3 rotis with someone else, the Week aims to create an unprecedented togetherness in celebrating the best within each of us as human beings.

The Joy of Giving Week will be held annually in the week of Mahatma Gandhi's birth anniversary every year. Celebrities Sachin Tendulkar, Imtiaz Ali and Nandita Das were present at the occasion to pledge their support to 'The Joy of Giving Week.'

Venkat Krishnan N, Director, GiveIndia said, "We are excited at the phenomenal response we have got to this idea, from the time we started working on it. Within 3 months, several NGOs, celebrities, corporates and individuals have come forward and promised to celebrate the Joy of Giving during this Week. Volunteer groups in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore have started planning various initiatives in these cities. We are flooded with generous offers of free advertising and promotion, website programming and marketing, from giant corporations as well as individuals and small companies. Overall, we can sense that India is ready for an idea like this."

Said Amit Chandra, Managing Director of Bain Capital, "We are all committed to making this Week a big success and move towards rekindling the great spirit of giving that used to be embedded in our culture. I call upon companies, schools, colleges, celebrities and the aam junta to join in the Joy of Giving Week and make it a success for India."

Noted actor and director, Nandita Das, added, "The Joy of Giving Week is not just a token gesture, but a celebration of the goodness that each one of us has, and I am sure it will soon become a movement. It is time that we have unifying events that bring together people of different backgrounds, regions, classes where the only identity that matters is that of a human being. I am part of it because I know it will help me become a better person."

Imtiaz Ali, Director of Jab We Met, said, "The Joy of Giving Week is an idea whose time has come. The 21st century belongs to us Indians and we can take our rightful place among global superpowers if we all join together and give to create opportunities for the less fortunate."

Nandita and Imtiaz are helping GiveIndia put together a workshop for the Indian film industry in connection with the Joy of Giving Week, to showcase various causes worthy of support.

The Week will include various events nationally. Riverside School, along with IDEO, NID and the Stanford Design School will reach out to children aged 10-13 years from 10,000+ private and government schools as part of the School Design Challenge, to see "how big they can give". Participating in this contest will show children that change is possible, and that they have the power and ability to be the drivers of that change. As part of the contest, teachers will be given tools to help them teach 21st century skills of innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

JAM Magazine, with support from MTV, will hold 'Campus Joyfests', targeting 3000 colleges all over India. At least 300 colleges are expected to organize "Joyfests" in association with local charities during the Week. JAM's Rashmi Bansal said "Getting the youth involved is crucial in the process of social change."

Award winning NGO, Goonj, recognized by the World Bank and closer to home by CNN IBN as a Real Hero, will embark on a mammoth clothes collection drive across 20 cities all over India, during the Week. Goonj re-uses old clothes to provide clothing for the poor and in work-for-clothes programs to implement much needed development work in Indian villages.

Apollo Hospitals will promote a large organ donation campaign nationally. Hemendra Kothari, Chairman of DSP Blackrock has committed to matching donations made for wildlife preservation during the Week upto Rs 1 crore, through the Wildlife Conservation Trust.

A slew of city level events are also being planned- these include the "Battle of Buffets" in Chennai and Hyderabad that will get 5* Hotels donating their most lavish spreads for a high profile fundraising dinner to benefit the Banyan, Tanker Foundation, GiveLife and other charities; a "Chai For Charity" celebrity event choreographed by Farah Khan at a Mumbai stadium benefiting Jai Vakeel School; Joy Boxes being placed in corporates all over Delhi during the Week by Udayan Care; a "CEOs Walk the Ramp for a cause" event by the Toofles Foundation and an interesting "CEO Shadow Auctions" programme that will be run by the ISB Hyderabad.

Sports icon, Sachin Tendulkar said, "The Joy of Giving is the true Joy of Living. This practice of giving was inculcated in me from childhood. We invited anyone who rang our door bell at mealtimes to come and eat with us. I am pleased that my daughter Sara carries on the rich tradition of giving in the family. I believe that every individual must 'Give', be willing to share with those less privileged and also motivate others to 'Give'. I wholeheartedly support the Joy of Giving Week's aim to create a strong 'Giving' culture. I am personally committing to conduct a 1 day cricket coaching camp for charity which can be auctioned during the Week."

Sachin ended by feeding a meal himself to children from Apnalaya's communities in Deonar. He also joined GiveIndia in handing over a cheque of Rs70,700 to feed 14,000 meals to underprivileged students.

About GiveIndia:

GiveIndia is India's largest philanthropy exchange that connects individual donors to over 200 NGOs that have undergone rigorous due diligence. It currently channels Rs 27crores p.a. from over 150,000 individual donors to these 200+ NGOs. GiveIndia introduced online donations to India, runs the largest Payroll Giving Programme that spans 30,000 employees in over 40 companies, and conceptualized Marathon based fundraising in India as the founding charity partner of the Mumbai and Delhi marathons.

About Riverside School:

Riverside is a leading IB school and educational research centre based in Ahmedabad. Riverside's model of putting 'common sense into common practice' is now endorsed by the premier institutes in India and the world, including the Multiple Intelligences Institute at Harvard.

About JAM Magazine:

JAM magazine is India's largest youth medium both in print, with a circulation of 35,000 copies every fortnight, and also online ( The JAM network of reporters and writers is spread across 500 + colleges of India including the premier campuses such as IITs, IIMs, NITs, professional and vocational colleges.

About Goonj:

GOONJ is a unique resource mobilization initiative providing clothes and other basic amenities to millions in the far-flung villages by turning one's wastage into a resource for another. Initiated in 1998 with just 67 clothes, it now sends out over 40 tonnes of material every month in parts of 21 states of the country.

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