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With nearly a fourth of its 1.1 billion population hungry, India has more hungry people than any other country in the world. We ranked 66th on the 2008 Global Hunger Index of 88 countries, as per a report released by the Washington-based International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). India has the highest number of undernourished people in the world — 230 million — added to which 1.5 million children are at risk of becoming malnourished because of rising global food prices.

Do we really understand the value of every meal we consume? Do we consider ourselves lucky to be at a dining table while millions around us sleep hungry? We may not be able to change the situation in our country today but we can ensure a meal for at least one hungry person.

Our mission this month is to feed as many poor and deprived people as we can. Do support us in our mission and help us reach as many people as possible. As we welcome the new year,let us also take a new step towards a more "Giving India".

P.S. – As usual we will send you a report letting you know about the beneficiary YOU impacted within 4-6 months.

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