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October 27, 2013
Times of India
Madhavi Rajadhyaksha

Bangalore-based corporate executive Namitha Krishnamurthy routinely logs on to an e-commerce site to redeem points accumulated on her debit card for gifts or discounts. Recently, she was intrigued to learn that her points could be used to gift a needy child a mid-day meal or fund a destitute senior citizen's cataract operation.

"A charity option in the shopping basket is great as most of us have the inclination to give, but don't have the time to get personally involved in social causes," says Krishnamurthy, 38, who redeemed her points to feed a hungry child.

Krishnamurthy isn't the only Indian consumer who found the shopping-cum-giving experience a gratifying one. According to the Global Survey on Corporate Social Responsibility, a poll conducted recently by AC Nielsen across 58 countries, 75 per cent of Indians were willing to spend more on socially-responsible companies in 2013 as compared to 53 per cent in 2010. The study mapped the spending behaviour of 29,000 online consumers between February and March 2013, and while the sample size may be small, it's indicative of an evolving mindset.