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August 17, 2001
Times News Network

Bangalore: The mouse-happy crowd can now do a good deed by, well, just clicking. Here is a portal which makes online donations to various NGO's in the country possible.

ICICI has launched the country's first online donation portal,, which is managed by the GIVE foundation from Ahmadabad. There are 17 NGO's on the portal as of now, and the lone NGO from Karnataka on the list is Bharath Charitable Cancer Hospital and Institute (BCCHI), Mysore, set up by Dr. B S Ajai Kumar, an NRI doctor from the city.

The portal aims at supporting all worthy NGO's in the country to enable them to become self-sustaining and accomplish their missions in the chosen areas. Through this portal, those interested can channelize monetary donations, volunteer time and skills, help create awareness about social activities or simply buy crafts and other products made by poor artisans in rural areas and support them economically.

According to Vijayalakshmi Kannan, donation management executive of BCCHI and GIVE partnership, this is an online channel through which individuals and corporate bodies can make direct donations to NGO's working with the poor and needy.

GIVE foundation gives the portal the required financial, audit, and monitoring specialization. GIVE also takes the responsibility of listing NGO's based on their credibility and performance background. The portal guarantees that the entire gift money will reach the NGO for the specific activity chosen by the donor. The donor also receives feedback on how the money is being used.

ICICI takes care of underwriting all financial transaction costs, and safety and security of payment - be it by credit card, demand draft, bank cheque, money2india outside the country or infinity internet banking within the country.

Dr. Ajai Kumar, who is in the city now, says that more than the money, it is the recognition and appreciation his trust has received that makes him feel proud. "GIVE is stringent when it comes to choosing NGO's, I'm glad that ours has been honoured like this. I'm sure there are many more in Karnataka which also will be listed," he says. GIVE online plans to add 15 more NGO's by the year end. The portal also helps people to make online donations to support disaster management and relief operations.

According to ICICI sources, to mark the united nations' international year of volunteers, the portal partners their international youth volunteers team 2001 in India to create a channel which would allow their volunteers from all over the world to offer their time and skills online to organisations helping the underprivileged in India. The portal will soon feature a news channel in association with info change in Pune to focus on providing potential donors information on developmental issues in India to enable them to make informed choices about their contributions.

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