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CEOs underline need for teamwork

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June 28, 2003
Times News Network

PUNE: With businesses transforming themselves continually, the need to develop a passion for the changing vision among staffers of an organisation, has become imperative.

It is not enough if the CEO and some senior managers are passionate about oranisational transformations. This was the consensus at 'CEOs Roundtable', a two-day conference which opened in the city with the theme 'HR -a passion for excellence'.

Speaking at a session, Kimberly Manno of the Give Foundation said change management requires creative leadership which creates a passion among workers at every level rather than one which functions on 'reward and punishment' system. She said that every worker should be made to feel like an entrepreneur by giving him a sense of ownership - not necessarily in financial terms, but by making each one feel what they do is important.

According to Ganesh Natarajan, deputy chairman and managing director, Zensar Technology Ltd, a symbiotic relationship between HR departments and CEOs is necessary for successful restructuring.

Instead of cutting down on HR-spend in times of market slowdown, organisations should invest in finding and training good manpower, he said.

Responding to the complaint that organisations do not spend enough on HR, Satish Tandon, managing director, Alfa Laval, said restructuring does not always mean cutting down on manpower.

It sometimes means adding people wherever there are gaps. Spend on HR is a question of requirement and HR managers should realise that CEOs must concentrate on profits, he said.

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