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GiveIndia Newsletter, August 2012

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Which NGO will you support?»

Forbes India Philanthropy Awards 2012»

First Givers Club Annual Summit 2012»

GiveIndia features on!»

Change a life:
Help educate a child labourer for 1 year - Rs. 4,250»

Sponsor one month living expense of a mentally challenged child/ adult -Rs. 4,000»

Sponsor care of an expectant mother with no access to health services - Rs. 3,200»

Which is your favourite NGO?

India Giving Challenge 4th September 2012, is the official start date for the 4th edition of the "India Giving Challenge". NGOs from across the country will compete to raise as many funds as possible. There are lots of Matching grants and prizes too for those who can outperform the rest.

As always, NGOs that do well will receive matching grants from us. There are also a lot of daily prizes up for grabs, which is all the more reason to get your favoured NGO registered for this event. If you would like the NGO you support to be a part of IGC 2012, please do fill up the form below and we'll get in touch with you soon.
  Forbes India Philanthropy Awards 2012

Forbes India Philanthropy GiveIndia is partnering with Forbes India as the Knowledge Partner for the inaugural Forbes India Philanthropy Awards. These awards aim to recognise, applaud and reward the efforts of the best of this breed, the organisations and individuals who have not just given time, money, skill and expertise, but have created model institutions that will inspire others and show them the way. Read more

 First Givers Club Annual Summit 2012

First Givers Club We are delighted to share with you that thethird edition of the First Givers Club Annual Summit will be held on 5th October, 2012. Mr. Ajay Piramal, chairman of Piramal Healthcare and applauded as an exceptional entrepreneur, innovator, and a generous philanthropist would be the keynote speaker at this summit.

Joining him would be Mr. Ashish Dhawan, co-founder, MD, Chryscapital and poster boy of the Indian Private Equity Industry, who will share his journey from PE to philanthropy at this event.

GiveIndia features on!

We're happy to share with you that ICICI Bank has added GiveIndia's donation options to their reward points redemption programme.

Now you can use your ICICI Bank reward points for a good cause and experience the joy of giving while you shop.
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Cause of the Month:
We aim to help 150 disabled people walk again this month. 85 people have been already supported. WIll YOU support one?

poor disabled children Contribute to a fund to provide calipers/ crutches/ splints to poor disabled children or adults - Rs. 5,000»

tricycle for a poor A tricycle for a poor, needy disabled person - Rs. 4,200»

Giving in Numbers:
Thank you donors for giving a total of Rs. 62.04 lacs to 150 NGOs last month!

The 5 NGOs to receive the maximum donations were:

1. Ashray Akruti- Rs. 2,53,439

2. SERUDS - Rs. 2,05,099

3. Sevalaya - Rs. 2,03,504

4 The Akshaya Patra Foundation - Rs. 1,86,573

5. Shubham - Rs. 1,47,168

The 5 NGOs to receive the minimum donations were:

1. Life Trust - Rs. 1,000

2. National Association for the Blind, India - Rs. 500

3. Parivaar Education Society - Rs. 250

4. National Rural Research and Development Association(NARAD) -
Rs. 250

5. Sense International (India)- Rs. 250