GiveIndia Newsletter, August 2008
Donor Speak:
Lately, we've gotten some great mails from our Payroll Giving donors that we wanted to share.

Shashank C. of Piramal Enterprises wrote in to say:

“Thanks for the information on the utilisation of the donation. GiveIndia’s approach, as a facilitator for charity is novel and unique in two respects:
* the donor need not bother validating the credentials of the NGO before donating. 90% of our apprehensions are on the locus standi of the NGO receiving the money.
* whatever doubts may still persist, get put to rest on receiving feedback reports, like the one I received with this mail. Many people have a major concern about money actually reaching the needy and that concern prevents them from donating. But this is quite admiringly taken care of at GiveIndia.“

Asim K. of ICICI Bank wrote:

“Every morning when you are going to office and you look around, you will find so many people who are in need of help and you keep on moving with your daily routine. The reason being you don’t know how to help and you also don’t have the time to get involved. Payroll Giving is an opportunity to fulfill my dream to do something for people in need. When I received my feedback report, I was glad to learn that the money was utilised for health and education of the child. I would call upon everyone reading this to be part of Payroll Giving.”

If you are a Payroll Giver, you too can donate your account balance and change a life.
Feedback Efficiency Ratings:
In our endevour to provide you with more information to make your donation choice, we are introducing Feedback Efficiency ratings. These ratings reflect the feedback sending efficiency of each GiveIndia-listed NGO; and compare how good an NGO is at sending feedbacks for the donations that they receive. This information will be shared with you on a periodic basis.

More about why we are rating NGOs for their efficiency in sending feedbacks to us.

Learn how this rating is calculated.

See how NGOs have performed till August 13, 2008.

Why does my feedback report take so long to reach me? a question we're asked from time to time by our donors. Typically you can expect to receive your feedbacks within 6-8 months of having made the transaction. Currently, the average time that we are taking to send a feedback is about within three months of a donation being made.

A couple of the reasons the report may take longer to reach you are:
1. The donation has to be utilised by the NGO for a beneficiary. NGOs may not have beneficiaries readily available at the time that they receive the donation.

2. Some donation options such as those relating to construction of wells, or planting for kitchen gardens require more time.

We have incorporated many systems and processes both at our end and the NGOs' that will help your report reach you sooner.

Payroll Giving Updates:
The rollout of Payroll Giving at InterGlobe has been great. Thanks to Aarti Mansukhani and all the co-ordinators, 369 employees have signed up so far from the 514 excellent 72% conversion. With another 1,000 employees yet to be met, some great numbers are expected from InterGlobe.

Cadbury's India have crossed the 100 mark in terms of employees signed up for the Payroll Giving programme. Our thanks to Ransom D'Souza for the wonderful support he has extended to the programme.

The Insurance companies are now eager to join the programme. ICICI Prudential Life and Bajaj Allianz Life have both signed up to implement. Launch expected to be this week. Kotak Life should hopefully be on the programme as well.
Celebrating Independence Day:
With Independence day just passing by, many of our conversations may have revolved around what we, as a country have to celebrate. While many of our countrymen don’t have a reason to celebrate, we can try and give them hope and mark this day. A gift that will better a less fortunate person’s live seems quite appropriate for the occassion. Take your pick from the 300+ options that we offer.

The travel website is running a campaign – “Salute the Spirit of India”. As part of the celebrations, they will donate to one of our listed NGOs.