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GiveIndia Newsletter, April 2013

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bullet purpleWhere does your city stand in the Indian Giving League?»

bullet purpleGIVEAsia helps ASEAN donors »

bullet purpleAt 37%, Maharashtra tops donations in country»

Change a life:
Educate a mentally challenged child for a year - Rs. 5,900»

Provide mobility to a needy disabled person by sponsoring a tricycle - Rs. 4,800»

Educate a girl child for a year -Rs. 3,000»

Where does your city stand in the Indian Giving League?

IGL MailerWith all the hype surrounding the IPL, we thought it would be a fun idea to see how the different cities matched up against each other in terms of giving.

This prompted us to initiate the Indian Giving League, encouraging donors to give to help their city win. So far Mumbai has taken a commendable lead, followed closely by Delhi and Bengaluru.

The excitement doesn't stop there. To build the spirit of giving, we've decided to give out IPL merchandise to lucky donors from the winning city. Find out how you can win here.

This event has also caught the attention of the media and Indian express recently had an article that feature the IGL. Click here to read the article.
GIVEAsia helps ASEAN donors

Thanks to our alliance with GIVEAsia, now donors all across South East Asia can donate to credible NGos in India..

GIVEAsia, like GiveIndia, is a donation platform for NGOs to raise funds. Moving forward all donations to India will regulated by us. This will help us ensure that the right NGOs get the required funding while donors make the right choice themselves.
NGOs help the rich to be more charitable

The increase in the number of high net worth individuals (HNIs) in the country has had a positive impact on charity donations. What's pushing HNIs into opening their accounts with charity organizations, albeit in a more structured manner, are efforts by a section of NGOs which have tailored donation programmes to specifiThank Youcally target this segment. 

So when GiveIndia Foundation came up with an initiative called 'First Givers Club ...Read more

Donor Hall of Fame:
Check out the winners for March 2013»

Not a member? Join now by setting your GiveIndia profile against the Hall of Fame field to 'Yes'.

Cause of the Month:
Our Cause of the Month for April was to support budding sports enthuisiasts from rural India. You too can support this cause by choosing the donation options below:

help Youth Support sports kit, training and nutrition for a rural athlete » (Rs. 9,700)

Destitute child Provide food and training for a rural athlete for three months » (Rs. 3,650)

Giving in Numbers:
Thank you donors for giving a total of Rs. 18.95 lacs to 132 NGOs last month

The 5 NGOs to receive the maximum donations were:

1. Charutar Arogya Mandal - Rs.81,250

2. Society of Friends of the Sassoon Hospitals (SOFOSH)- Rs. 76,750

3.Kalinga Relief and Charitable Trust (KRCT) - Rs. 59,750

4 Shoshit Seva Sangh - Rs. 55,100

5.Dr. Shroff's Charity Eye Hospital - Rs. 48,000

The 5 NGOs to receive the minimum donations were:

1. UDAAN India Foundation- Rs. 500

2. Devashrayam Charitable Society Rs. 500

3. Kherwadi Social Welfare Association - Rs.250

4. Bhagini Nivedita Pratishthan Pune - Rs. 250

5. Bhumi - Rs. 250