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GiveIndia Newsletter, April 2012

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bullet-purpleJoin the cause of the month and make a collective impact»

bullet-purpleGive regularly through the Monthly Giving programme»

bullet-purpleThank you Training inCorporate»

Change a life:
Contribute to a fund to provide calipers/ crutches/ splints to poor disabled people - Rs. 5,000»

Enhance the employability of a youth through a 6 month vocational training - Rs. 3,200»

Sponsor a stitchless Cataract surgery for a poor patient in New Delhi» Rs. 2,800»

Join the cause of the month and make a collective impact

cataractFrom this month onwards, we have decided to showcase a different cause every month; to give all our donors the opportunity to come together and make a collective impact.

The chosen cause for April 2012 is cataract - a condition that 7 million people in India suffer from. It is also a condition that can be cured through a simple surgery. While the poor aren't aware of this, we are. Which is why we wish to fund 200 cataract surgeries this month alone.

The campaign has taken off really well with 103 donors coming together to give 134 surgeries. With just 7 days to go and 66 surgeries still needed, we invite you to join us in reaching the goal.

Many of the affected are the sole breadwinners for their families and their reduced vision leaves them with little or no income. Let's come together and bring some light into their lives!

Personal story
Give regularly through the Monthly Giving programme

AutomateTired of logging onto our website every time you want to make a donation? Well, then here’s some good news for you.

Now, you can choose to automate donations directly from your bank account or credit card.  Every month, you may choose to contribute as little as Rs. 110 to accumulate in a charity account with us.  Once your desired amount is reached, log into our website just once and choose from the over 1,000+ options to donate to.

This facility is really easy to set up and increases convenience.  Lower donation amounts also means that you can give without feeling the pinch!

Personal story
Thank you Training inCorporate

GiveIndia conveys its thanks to Training inCorporate (TiC) for facilitating a fun filled, exciting afternoon on 19th April as part of our annual off-site. It was truly an enriching learning experience for our entire team. Our special kudos to their facilitator, Dilnawaaz Irani whose team building exercises enthused us a lot. The activities not only helped our outstation and Mumbai office staff get to know each other better but also provided some great insights on how we can work better as a team.

Thank you TiC for making a difference, in a way you do best :-)!

Donor Hall of Fame:
Check out the winners for March 2012»

Not a member? Join now by setting your GiveIndia profile against the Hall of Fame field to 'Yes'.

Giving in Numbers:
Thank you donors for giving a total of Rs. 87.8 lacs to 180 NGOs last year!

The 5 NGOs to receive the maximum donations were:

1. Blind People's Association, India - Rs. 78,74,499

2.Sevalaya - Rs. 35,78,155

3.Dr Shroff's Charity Eye Hospital - Rs.32,67,776

4 The Akanksha Foundation - Rs. 32,46,722

5.The Akshaya Patra Foundation - 26,50,410

The 5 NGOs to receive the minimum donations were:

1. MAHAN - Rs. 6,445

2. Vidyanikethan - Rs. 5,400

3. Hariksha People’s Welfare Trust - Rs. 3,500

4. PREED -
Rs. 3,426

5. Tathapi Trust - Rs. 250

Change a Life:

Dialysis Support the fistula surgery cost for a patient to be on dialysis
Rs. 3,000»

Help elderly Sponsor a cataract operation for an elderly person - Rs. 2,240»

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