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Thank you Donors!

Congratulations to our Hall of Famers!

An Update from the NGO front

An Update from Payroll Giving

Third Mumbai Chapter Meet - May 01

India Fellow Youth Programme
Change a life:

- Rs. 2,500»

- Rs.2,200»

- Rs.1,960»
Giving in Numbers:
A total of Rs.50.62 lacs was disbursed to 196 NGOs last month.

The top 5 NGOs who received funds in the past month are:

The National Association for the Blind - India
- Rs. 2,46,700

Sevalaya - Rs. 2,43,720

Association for Rural Development and Action Research (ARDAR) - Rs. 1,33,240

Child Aid Foundation - Rs. 1,22,948

- Rs. 1,21,590

The 5 NGOs that received the least funds last month are:

1. Tamil Nadu People Welfare Association (TAPWA) - Rs. 250

2. Saathi - Rs. 250

3. SPRAT - Society for Promoting Rationality - Rs. 628

4. Muskaan - Rs.634

5. Operation ASHA - Rs. 750

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Change a Life:
Donate a kit for drip irrigation for organic farming in drought prone kutch gujarat to supplement a poor rural familys nutrition with leafy greens - Rs. 2,500»

provide two she goats to a very poor family to supplement their income - Rs.2,200»

sponsor a childs primary education for one year - Rs.1,960»
Thank You Donors!
GiveIndia wants to say a BIG thank you to all of you for helping us come so far in the past financial year. We could not have made it without your support!

We have ambitious plans for the new financial year -- plans that will not be possible without your continued help so please do budget for your social investments in 2010-2011.

We would love to know what your experience with GiveIndia this past year has been. So if you haven't already, do fill out our donor survey. It's totally anonymous - so do feel free to share absolutely anything that you'd like to!
Congratulations to our Hall of Famers

WinnersWith the year drawing to a close, it is also time to announce the winners for last year's Donor Hall of Fame - individuals/organisations who made the highest contributions to charity through us last year. The top 5 donors who made it to the Hall of Fame are Artlogue, Naresh Sepuri, Viswanath Nathan, Richard Rekhy and Bala Arumugam. View the entire list. Congratulations to all for this achievement!

Also, view the winners for the Hall of Fame for March 2010. If you'd like to be considered for the Hall of Fame, do update your profile, selecting yes against the Hall of Fame field.

An Update from the NGO front

We added 52 new NGOs to the site last year, giving donors a choice of 233 NGOs to support. Infact, we had the first NGO from Goa get listed with us - El Shaddai Charitable Trust.

In addition to getting new NGOs on board, we began an exercise to optimise the current donation options on the site. 65 of our oldest NGOs partners have successfully completed this exercise, resulting in over 215 old options being revamped and 127 new options being added.

A few NGOs who got listed with us recently include:

Bharathamatha Family Welfare Foundation - who work to liberate suppressed and oppressed poor women and children.

J Watumull Global Hospital & Research Centre - who's mission is to provide world class complete healthcare services, responsibly and with a human touch at affordable prices.

Parents Association for Mentally Handicapped Persons (PAMENCAP) - who are working to empower the poor, the marginalized and women who are the poorest among the poor and help them to come out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

Vidhayak Sansad - who are working for the socio-economic empowerment of tribal people, dalits, women and other deprived sections of society.

An Update from Payroll Giving
Last year was a pretty good year for the Payroll Giving programme. We have had some impressive companies implementing the programme. These included the Aditya Birla Group, BBC World, Capgemini, Credit Lyonnais Securities, Deloitte, Eclipsys, Geometric, HDFC Ergo, HSBC Investdirect, Lintas, Onmobile, Nokia, Thomas Cook, Vodafone and Wartsila.

It's really heartening to see the employees of corporate India share a part of their salaries to uplift the lives of the not-so-fortunate. 30,000+ employees contributed nearly R.s 8 crores for charity in FY 2009-2010. Thank you all for your generosity and support!

As we begin a new year, we look forward to several more additions to the Payroll Giving family and also to your continued support to making FY2010-11 another great year!

If you are a Payroll Giver and would like to donate your charity account balance, you can follow these steps to do so.
Third Mumbai Chapter meet - May 01, 2010
Mumbai Chapter MeetWe would like to thank all of you who attended earlier Mumbai Chapter meets. To continue the great momentum that we gathered, we are continuing with this series and are going to hold the next meeting on May 1st from 3.00-5.00pm. We, at GiveIndia, brainstormed on the activities that the Mumbai Chapter could undertake and decided that a self-driven, fundraising drive could help achieve our objectives.

Anyone and everyone wishing to learn more about our activities is welcome. This is an opportunity to meet other Mumbai Chapter volunteers, and share with us any ideas about fundraising that you may have. To RSVP and know the full agenda of the event, visit this link:
India Fellow Youth Programme
iVolunteerGreetings from iVolunteer....
Summers are back again and so are we with our flagship Programme for the youth- India Fellow Youth. A call to the youth of our country to Spend this Summer Holiday to make a huge social impact - It's a chance to change the lives of others as well as possibly one's own...
India Fellow Youth Programme - This fellowship is offered only to 25 distinctive students from across India. It is an exceptional window to experience, serve, live and learn from a project assignment in Semi-Urban/ Rural India that.....across the summer holidays. What does the youth gain from this programme?
Gain 'Credits' which will help them in higher education (especially Internationally)
Boost their resume through Rural experience
A chance to learn about a new culture, community and a way of life
Commit towards a social contribution at the grass-root level
And most of all, gift themselves an opportunity for unique personality development.
We take care of everything for this assignment, right from making a project that suits their skills, to stay and daily expenses as well as their safety.
The India Fellow Youth Programme is a huge personality development opportunity to develop into a more socially sensitive, culturally adaptive, independent, confident and well-rounded citizen.
We want to request your special help in reaching out to your near and dear ones with this programme. If you have a child, a sibling, a friend or any teenager you know (age group: 15-21yr) who would like to traverse India's rural heartland to contribute towards the social development of our country, please do connect him/her to us at or @ +91 9222282555
Remember, the Last day to submit your filled application form is April 25th, 2010, so take a minute to spread the word and make a difference to someone's life.