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Payroll Giving Update, July - 2012
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SPOTLIGHT:Giving Matters atICICI Prudential LIC

Parivartan Leadership Sustainability Awards, 2012

GiveIndia & partners visit the GOONJ processing centre

Philanthropy in Impact Investing 

Welcome our newest Payroll Giving partner - Dish TV 

We thank 

HDFC Standard Life Insurance Co. Ltd
Tata Consultancy Services
Bajaj General Insurance Co. Ltd

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd
Zee Entertainment Network
ICICI Bank Limited

for helping us relaunch!

SPOTLIGHT : Giving Matters at ICICI Prudential LIC

dharavi-slumLastmonth, we interacted with Judhajit Das, Chief – Human Resources at ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co Ltd, one of India's largest private sector life insurance companies and one ofGiveIndia’s strongest Payroll Giving partners.

Being in the organization for over 11 years, Judhajit has provided leadership for building a scalable HR infrastructure through technology deployment in order to support the growth of the business from 5000 to 20,000 people.

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Parivartan Leadership Sustainability Awards, 2012

dharavi-slumParivartan Sustainability leadership awards are an annual initiative to recognize and celebrate sustainability innovations in Indian businesses. Nominations are invited from Indian businesses: both industries and service providers; policy makers, and young managers, who have successfully contributed to uptake of innovative sustainability measures in their area of operations.

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GiveIndia & partners visit GOONJ's processing centre
Tour de India 2012

Friday,22nd June : We arranged an exclusive tour to Goonj's processing centre for HR & CSRrepresentatives from ourDelhi based Payroll Giving corporatepartners.

We organized the tour to generate greater awareness towards recycling as a core philosophy through which NGOs such as Goonj have empowered the underprivileged at the rural India. On the tour, the representatives witnessed the processes of sorting, mending, and packing of various kinds of materials collected from all over the country. While the processes highlighted the enterprise and efficiency of an under resourced NGO, an inclusive reflection towards the end of the tour enabled attendees to share, communicate and network with one another over CSR practices at their respective organizations.
We hope to facilitate many such experiences for CSR and HR representatives from all our Payroll Giving corporate partners !!

Philanthropy in Impact Investing
Tour de India 2012

There is growing interest in the role of market-based solutions in addressing the problems of poverty, through inclusive businesses that tap into the potential of the global poor as customers and suppliers—the so-called ‘fortune at the Base of the Pyramid (BoP).’ Encouraged by the growth of microfinance, many promising new models are emerging. This has elicited a rush to the new field of ‘impact investing’—producing social or environmental good as well as financial return.

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CongratulationsNet Ambit
for the HIGHEST numberof NEW Sign Ups last month !
Would your employees be interested in giving away used clothes and old newspapers ?
One of our listed NGOs, MESCO, helps the underprivileged by collection and distribution of such in kind donation items from corporates based out of Mumbai. If interested, contact
Payroll Giving in Numbers
A big shout out to all our payroll giversfor giving a totalof Rs.27.5 lacs to 122NGOs !
The 5 companies with the maximum donations last month were...
1. Cognizant - Rs. 2,06,708
2. Genpact - Rs. 1,80,345
3. ICICI Bank - Rs. 1,28,150
4. TCS -  Rs. 97,570
5. HDFC Bank
- Rs. 47,875
The 5 companies with maximum deductions last month were...

1. HDFC Bank - Rs. 16,61,239
2.Genpact - Rs. 11,19,024
3. ICICI Bank - Rs. 9,35,798
4. Cognizant
- Rs. 6,65,682
5. Vodafone - Rs. 5,68,280

The 5 companies with maximum average sign up value last month were...

1. Idea Cellular-Rs. 277
2. Vodafone
- Rs. 259
3.KPMG - Rs.254
4. ICICI Bank- Rs. 230
Zee Entertainment- Rs. 224

The 5 companies with maximum number of active participants until last month
1. Genpact - 8,377
2. ICICI Bank - 5,613
3.HDFC Bank - 5,335
4.Cognizant- 2,904
5. Vodafone - 2,587
Payroll Giver of the month
Tour de India 2012

It felt really nice to see the little boy who is able to study in school and to know that he is doing well in class..

- Priya Bisaria, KPMG
On sponsoring a child at a West Bengal school for a month.

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