Sponsor a days snack for about 600 girls of Vimukti Girls School, INR 1800

The slums of Jaipur suffer from various socio-economic problems which are intensified by the continued migration of poor families from rural areas. The living conditions, health & sanitation are of abysmally low levels. The slum population also faces a high level of social ills like drug abuse and crime against women. Discrimination against young girls is embedded in the culture and reinforced by poverty. The main barrier is the attitude of poverty-stricken parents who keep them at home watching over siblings or involve them in low skill tasks for minimal income generation. Education broadens horizons, gives skills and transforms young girls into independent young women. Thus Vimukti Sanstha has identified education and vocational training as the means to empower girls from the urban slums of Jaipur. Vimukti Girls School, a unit of Vimukti Sanstha, is working on the education of girls residing in the slums of Jaipur. It provides completely free education to the girls-we don't charge any fee and we provide free books /uniforms /stationary /transport /light meals. Vimukti Girls School started in 2004 with 30 girls and currently has 600 girls upto class X. The school believes in providing quality education to its students and thus, the focus is on academics as well as sports, arts and cultural activities. We have trained teachers employed on full time basis for the purpose. The school has a book club, Maths lab, science lab and computer lab to ensure holistic learning process at the campus. The teacher student ratio is 1:25. Description of the beneficiary Profile of beneficiary, How are beneficiaries identified/ retained The girls belong to socially and economically weaker sections of the society. Around 95% of the girls are from socially backward classes/minority sections and their family income is not more than Rs 100,000 annually. The admission process of Vimukti Girls School involves a physical survey of the houses of all the applicants. This is done to ensure that the information provided in the admission form is genuine and every applicant fulfills the income criteria of less than Rs 100,000 annual family income. The students’ parents work as auto-rickshaw drivers/labourers/cooks/domestic help/ washerwomen/ mechanics/ sweeper/ painter/ carpenter, etc. The average family size is 5 members. Many girls come from families with single mothers (widowed or separated) or drunkard/abusive fathers/brothers, as a result mothers are sole breadwinners. Description of the implementation of the programme How do you implement the programme / project? How are resources (material and human) are obtained, and how the benefit is provided) We run afternoon shift in the rented premises of another school. Thus we get only 4 hours of teaching time on a daily basis. Still our endeavor is to do everything possible for the holistic development of the girls. This becomes essential as the students have no learning support at their homes since many of them are first generation learners (especially in the higher grades). The school has in recent times introduced many quality elements though in a small way, including setting up of subject based labs & a book club, initiation of Digital learning solutions, training in dance and organization of Annual Day & Sports Day, imparting moral & social values through celebration of various festivals including national festivals of Independence Day and Republic Day, conduct of counseling sessions and storytelling sessions. The school has no source of income and is run entirely on donations given by individuals and a few corporates. We have an annual sponsorship per child programme under which currently we have 187 sponsorships. Under this we request the sponsor to cover education/meals/transport/books/uniform expenses for one year for a child. Besides this we get general donations which are used to cover the operating expenses of Vimukti Sanstha. Milk/chachh and fruits (banana/or

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Snack consisting of biscuit/fruit/cake & milk/chaas 1800.00
Unit Price 1800
Total 1800
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