Provide vitamins and nutrition supplement to a pregnant/lactating mother and her child, INR 1300

FMCH is implementing the First 1000 Days program at Phule Nagar Powai since June 2014. This program ensures that women receive trusted, accurate information, necessary vitamins and nutrition supplements and support from the very first day of their pregnancy and their child till they reach age two. FMCH works with not just the mother and her child but also with the primary decision makers of the family (father/grand parents etc.) to ensure that they receive the right care and support through this crucial phase of life to achieve their full potential.

  The Basics

  • FMCH provides vitamins and nutrition supplement, counseling support, information through specially designed education modules on pregnancy, nutrition and child development.
  • FMCH focuses specifically on identifying high risk pregnancies and making referrals, exclusive breastfeeding, initiation of complementary feeding at the correct age and growth monitoring for the child.
  • The FMCH field team visits the community almost on a daily basis to identify new pregnant women/children and reminding of clinics and events to existing beneficiaries.
  • Children with Severe Acute Malnutrition & Moderate Acute Malnutrition (SAM/MAM are identified with a quick MUAC check and referred to the FMCH clinic.
  • The implementation team comprises of nurses, nutritionists, social workers and women from the community who0 have been trained by FMCH and employed as field staff. The team works directly with the women and children from the community, who are either referred to FMCH by a field staff or their neighbor/family member.
  • The nutri-bars are given to pregnant and lactating mothers and children who are MAM. The vitamins (iron, calcium, folic acid, vitamin D3, multi-vitamins) are given as per the age group with clear dosage, one set at a time. • Pregnant/Lactating mothers receive nutrition supplements and vitamins monthly till their child reaches age 6 months. Children receive the vitamins till age 2

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Nutrition Supplements (multi-vitamins, calcium, iron, folic acid, vitamin D3, iron drops, nutria-bars) 1300.00
Unit Price 1300
Total 1300
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Shourya Dagha now a well-child status
The situation before your intervention: Shourya Dagha came to FMCH when he was just 6 months old. His mother brought him to the clinic as she felt he was not gaining weight and being irritable. Assessment of his height and weight showed that Shourya is severely malnourished weighing just 2.59 kgs.
What you did to help this person: The FMCH team worked with Shourya and his mother to ensure that he is breastfeeding, and started complementary feeding for him once he completed six months, Since they lived outside the community it was difficult for the mother to attend the nutrition course. Therefore the nurse and nutritionist spent time with the mother during and post clinics to correct his breastfeeding position and counsel about the right foods to start and frequency. He was also given vitamin supplements.
The situation after/ Achievement after your intervention: Within 4 weeks Shourya moved from SAM to well-child status. And in 12 weeks time he had become a healthy child as per the WHO standards both in terms of underweight (weight for age, his weight now being 6 kgs) and wasting (weight for height).

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