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PRADAN was formed in 1983 by young professionals who were inspired by the belief that well educated people, with empathy towards the poor, must work directly with them at the grassroots to alleviate mass poverty in rural India. Challenged by the abysmal poverty of millions of people across India, PRADAN has resolved to reach out to a large number of poor people in the next decade as a part of its vision, PRADAN 2017.

The Basics

They realized that the critical gap in creating change was the absence of capable people, not material resources. PRADAN therefore has to invest significant organizational energy to find and induct well-educated youth and to equip them with the skills, knowledge and perspective necessary to become effective grassroots workers. Today, PRADAN systematically expands the supply of quality human resources at the grassroots.

How It Works

• Highly motivated and skilled professionals under PRADAN’s fold are working in the remote villages of India, immersing themselves directly with target communities.
• These young professionals are recruited from universities and hold specialised degrees in subjects like management, engineering, agriculture, and the social sciences.
• A majority of the families that PRADAN works with belong to the Scheduled Tribes and Schedule Castes.
• PRADAN follows a four-pronged approach to achieve its goals:
1. Promoting and nurturing Self-Help Groups (SHGs) of poor women and strengthening them as organizations to leverage institutional finances for members’ livelihoods.
2. Developing and introducing locally suitable economic activities to increase productivity and income among SHG members and building synergic collaboration with a wide variety of stakeholders.
3. Mobilising finances for livelihood assets and infrastructure from government bodies, donors, banks, and other financial institutions.
4. Setting up mechanisms to sustain the livelihood gains made by the poor communities. Statistics

• 7 – Number of states that are covered by PRADAN
• 10 – Number of years by which PRADAN hopes to fulfil its vision, PRADAN 2017
• 33 – Number of teams that PRADAN professionals are divided into
• 1.5 ,million – Number of poor people whom PRADAN hopes to reach out to in the next decade

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Tribal Women lead the change
The founders of PRADAN realized that the critical gap in creating change at the grassroots was the absence of capable people, not material resources. PRADAN systematically expands the supply of quality human resources by recruiting educated youth with empathy towards the poor to work directly at the grassroots. Pranita Shreen Chaudhary, an Economics graduate from Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada heard about PRADAN at a seminar and was convinced to work for the upliftment of the poor. She applied for the Development Apprentice program and was selected from a pool of over 4,500 applicants. Her family was against her decision of moving to the villages but she was able to convince them and joined the program.
Pranita is working with around 30 Self Help Groups (300 families) in the Handipani, Raipur & Banabeda villages of Shahpur Block, Betul district, Madhya Pradesh. She has completed her Foundation Course I, Village Stay and Village study and is now undergoing her Field Work modules. She will also have the opportunity to work with other NGOs in the state to develop a comprehensive understanding of the on ground situation.
Once Pranita graduates she will become a full time Development Professional working with over 1000 families on issues of Women Empowerment, livelihoods, Sanitation & Governance. She says: My experience is turning out to be something I had never imagined! First few days I could not believe what I saw... So many problems and so much poverty in such a beautiful place! Currently I am doing my village stay in Handipani. I will be honest; it is quite challenging but not impossible. I am going through my own difficulties to adjust here, ode to my previous lifestyle, but I am slowly getting used to it, and I know in sometime it will be a way of life for me too. I am willing to do it because the work is great, the impact is great and I feel motivated to work here.

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