Provide a safe and enabling atmosphere to a child in Vatsalya Udyan, our residential care for abandoned children for a year, INR 7000

The residential child care program of Vatsalya for orphaned and abandoned children completed 10 years this year. At Vatsalya Udayan, while the efforts are to provide children with a safe, healthy and enabling atmosphere, they also focus on their all-round personality development. At the time they find and pick up children from the streets who have a very hostile and negative attitude towards society. These children also tend to believe that they are victims of an evil destiny and have no future in the adult world that has been abusive towards them. They invest in changing this mindset, as having a positive attitude is an essential prerequisite to moving towards a successful and happy future. Counseling is primarily based on listening and is absolutely devoid of preaching and arguing. Sports are played and promoted generously while the development of skills helps children discover their true talents. The international volunteer program is one of the most important aspects of the residential care program wherein volunteers from all over the world come and contribute in many extraordinary ways to the transformation that happens in the lives of children we serve. They bring not only a great positive energy but also add a multicultural richness to raising our children. At Vatsalya Udayan, the basic focus is on making children happy, as once they are in that state, what is desirable becomes inevitable. Through interventions based on emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and professional development, Vatsalya staff work to create a safe, nurturing environment for children in need who would not otherwise have access to opportunities that would better their lives. Through Vatsalya Udayan, they have rehabilitated, repatriated and supported in different ways 565 children so far. This year, they had 21 new children sent by various child welfare agencies, 17 out of whom were reclaimed by their families. Many of these children were captured under the anti begging law of the state and their parents reclaimed them back with a promise to not send them for begging again. Remaining 4 are AIDS orphans and would continue to live under the care and protection of Vatsalya till they are 18. Currently 43 children are living at Vatsalya Udayan. The school and the home are in same premises.

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Festival and events, educational tours 75.00
Electricity and water charges, Repairs and maintenance 5100.00
Printing and stationery 480.00
5 sets of uniforms (2 summer, 2 winter and 1 sports) 1345.00
Unit Price 7000
Total 7000
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Akash gets new life
Akash is 10 years old studying in Grade V. He was brought from Ajmer through a Vatsalya representative in 2004. His father was a rickshaw-puller & mother died of some serious disease.
When he was brought to Vatsalya as a baby, he was suffering from tuberculosis and had skin inefction also. He was only 4 kg. We took care of this little child regularly as per advice given by doctors and brought him back from the jaws of death.
Now he is very hale and healthy. Akash has got a new life so it is like a miracle for us. He does not like studies and is playful all the time He stays in the hostel throughout the year. Most of the children who are orphans donot go home and for others the parents come and visit them once a month. We celebrate all festivals and birthdays of children. Our children participate in local and state level games in sports. We conduct educational tours for school students and a well equipped library helps them in studies. Their medical needs are taken care for nursing/nutrition/surgery etc. In Summer vacation & Diwali holidays, some children go to meet their parents or relatives.

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