Promote health and hygiene by helping build a low cost toilet, INR 12225

According to the report prepared jointly by Unicef and WHO globally, India continues to be the country with the highest number of people (597 million people) practicing open defecation. Access to a functional and clean toilet is a fundamental right. Lack of safe, private toilets makes women and girls vulnerable to violence, as they have to wait for darkness to set in.

The Basics

Abhinav took up the initiative of building toilets under its Flush N Pride campaign. The campaign focuses on providing functional toilets to underprivileged families in slums who are unable to construct toilets in their homes due to lack of funds. The main goal is to instill in the people, the importance of hygiene and sanitation along with fulfilling their basic need

The Statistics

• Abhinav has managed to build toilets for 12,000 poor families in Uttar Pradesh.
• They have also constructed 8 world class public toilets in different areas of Uttar Pradesh, that are being utilized daily by hundreds of people on a pay per use basis.

How It Works

• Abhinav conduct surveys throughout the villages through its well- established network and identify the families, which have no access to sanitation.
• The NGO focuses the attention on families with more number of female members, making their safety a priority.
• They work through a network of NGO’s UN organizations, Government, Corporate, and other organizations that share their vision.
• This network provides periodic financial support based on requirement.
• The NGO also has a well-established network of volunteers and professionals, who work in the rural areas on various projects.
• Their volunteers are actively involved in assisting the village Panchayats and their functionaries in identifying the poorest and most deprived families in need of support.
• Abhinav has already identified a number of well-trusted sources for procurement of cost-effective construction material as well as manpower.
• The toilet complexes are beautifully landscaped, equipped with modern technologies and maintained daily, to ensure the highest standards of sanitation.
• Based on survey results and recommendations by the village committee, toilets are constructed for the benefit of the needy and handed over to them in a function organized in the villages.

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Labour 710.00
Transportation 340.00
Painting cost 275.00
Sand material for Slab 1640.00
Cement – 6 bags 1770.00
700 Bricks 3865.00
25 qunital sand 1625.00
Steel bar 500.00
Pipes - 250, PAN sheet – 350, door-1000 1500.00
Unit Price 12225
Total 12225
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Integrated Low Cost Sanitation Scheme
Usha w/o Shri Ramkishan is a resident of Telgodam, Muaffarangar. She and her family had to go out of the house daily for toilet in the open or used dry latrines, as they were poor & could not afford to construct a toilet. As a result of which someone from the family kept falling ill.
To help Usha and other similar people, ABHINAV adopted certain strategies and conducted a survey to know the exact number of wet toilets in the rural, undeveloped areas. The results of the survey were discussed with the executive officer & Chairman of the urban body. A ward wise household survey was also conducted and the results were submitted to DUDA. Abhinav was selected to construct low cost toilet for the poor.
Usha and her family, and many others such families are using the toilets made by ABHINAV and now they are healthy and secure from diseases.

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