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Provide modern education to a backward community child in our school for a year
For Indian and NRI donors only | tax benefit: 50% | more
Give the opportunity for a pre-primary or primary rural child to become proficient in languages and arithmetic in one year
For Indian and NRI donors only | tax benefit: 50% | more
General Fund
For Indian and NRI donors only | tax benefit: 50% | more
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Vidyarambam is dedicated to providing enjoyable quality education to all under-privileged pre-primary and primary children to encourage them to successfully continue their education.
It was started out of passion for disadvantaged Rural Children who were not getting quality Education
Mr. V. Ranganathan, Founder and President is basically an Automobile Engineer worked in India and Middle East in Managerial capacity. He is retired and he devotes him time entirely to the Trust. He asks-Can we not provide enjoyable education to attract children? Can we remove the social injustice of denying them quality education at the vulnerable age?
Full time staff :22
Part time staff:0
Contract staff :0
Volunteers: 0
Total Receipts for 2015-2016 is INR 17336603
Total Payments for 2015-2016 is INR 17763058
Activities and reach for the latest full Financial Year
Rotary Vidyarambam School - LKG to V STD: 264
Mobile Toy Library & Library Centers: 13539
Children in the age group of 4 to 6 in villages: 1153
English for Primary and Middle School children: 8630
School Model for classes I to V: 4740
Support Class Junior in Villages: 1231
Support Class Senior in Villages: 1252
Maths for Primary Children: 4578
Rewards & Recognition
In 2012, Midtown’s was awarded the Best digital Literacy Center by the Vidyarambam Trust Digital Literacy
Self generated ( fees/ subscriptions/ interest/ community contributions/ proceeds from sale of goods or services produced by the organisation etc.)147,23068,43753,420
Donation from Indian individuals through GiveIndia1,097,2572,057,0111,381,641
Other donations from Indian individuals1,518,4641,145,966717,011
Donations from foreign individuals through GiveIndia40,177282,495503,059
Other donations from foreign individuals06,4280
Grants from Indian sources ( trusts/ govt/ companies/ foundations)1,091,4943,194,0872,493,012
Grants from International sources ( under FCRA)13,441,98117,068,3928,524,757
Sale of assets0027,685
Total Receipts17,336,60323,822,81614,266,672
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PAYMENTS (Capital)
Capital items purchased for the organisation, excluding investment ( Fixed Deposits etc.)432,405392,46196,829
Capital items purchased for beneficiaries000
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PAYMENTS (Revenue)
Programme related2015-20162014-20152013-2014
Salaries and benefits10,700,76911,853,7768,726,171
Staff training676,603741,263931,480
Staff travel37,05018,39636,885
Consultant's fees000
Office support expenses ( rent/ telephone/ electricty etc.)577,540575,235429,331
Materials procurred ( consummables as seed/ food/ books/ provisions etc.)5,061,4755,213,2545,304,953
Grants/ donations given to other organisations as part of programme000
Depreciation ( to be taken from Income and Expenditure account)277,2161,900,118150,046
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Non-programme related2015-20162014-20152013-2014
Salaries and benefits000
Staff training000
Staff travel000
Office support expenses ( rent/ repairs/ telephone/ electricity etc.)000
Communication ( correspondence/ Annual Reports/ brochures/ appeals/ website etc.)000
Consultants' fees ( audit/ legal/ programme )000
Depreciation ( to be taken from Income and Expenditure account)000
Other non-programme expenses000
Total Payments17,763,05820,694,50315,675,695
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 Registration Details
Sr. Type of Registration
1 Trust [No.308/2002]
2 PAN Number:AAATV4341F
3 12-A [No.2(32)/2002-03]
4 80G [No.2(32)/2002-03]
5 FCRA [No.75901063]
6 35AC [No.S.O.No.1965 (E)]
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 S. Ravi & Associates
 Flat No.2, 2nd Floor New No.31, Old No. 16 C.I.T. Colony, 1st Main Road.Mylapore
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 Staff Remuneration (INR)
Gross salary plus benefits paid to staff (in INR) p.m. Male Female Total
 less than 5,0001282283
 5,000 – 10,0004105109
 10,000 – 25,000055
 25,000 – 50,000011
 50,000 – 1,00,000000
 Greater than 1,00,000000
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Total annual payments consultants (in INR)Number of consultants
 less than 5,0000
 5,000 – 10,0000
 10,000 – 25,0000
 25,000 – 50,0000
 50,000 – 1,00,0000
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 Staff Remuneration (p.a.)
1 Highest Paid: INR 550000
2 Lowest Paid: INR 11000
3 Head of the Organisation: INR 550000
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 Board Expenses
Sr. Detail Amount(INR)
1 International travel0
2 Domestic travel0
3 Local conveyance0
4 Entertainment expenses0
5 Other0
  Total 0
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Board Members
SI.Name (Age)Gender, Position, Gross Remuneration, Relation to other members
1 Mrs. Prema Veeraraghavan
 Female, Trustee – Secretary , INR 200,000.00,
2 Mrs.Lakshmi Swaminathan
 Female, Trustee, INR 0.00,
3 Mr. V. Sriram
 Male, Trustee – Treasurer , INR 0.00,
4 Mr. C.K. Sridhar
 Male, Trustee- President , INR 0.00,
5 Mr.Y.Sridhar
 Male, Trustee, INR 0.00,
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Board Members Background
1 Mrs. Prema Veeraraghavan She has been involved in the educational field for more than three decades. She has created set of science laboratory using improvised low cost materials in various city and rural schools. She is contributing science articles for Young World.
2 Mrs.Lakshmi Swaminathan She is the President of Administrative Tribunal, ADB. She is also an eminent Jurist in administrative law and was the Vice Chairman of the Principal Bench at Delhi of the Central Administrative Tribunal
3 Mr. V. Sriram The Chairman of Walnut Group, a healthcare company representing organizations from Switzerland and UK. Dial a Diaper, a novel concept in the diaper industry, is his brain child. Role: Accounts
4 Mr. C.K. Sridhar An Engineering graduate from Annamalai University. He is currently the Director of a company which is involved in Construction, Energy and Engineering Consultancy Services.
5 Mr.Y.Sridhar He is a Chartered Accountant
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Board Resolution
SubjectsBoard Meeting/Annual General Body Meeting DateNo. of members presentStrength of the board at the time of this meeting
Budget for the year 2016-201722/02/201635
Programmes/ Projects for the year 2016-201722/02/201635
Annual Report for the year 2015-201617/08/201634
Financial Audit Report for the year 2015-201622/06/201634
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External Reviews
1CAF India
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Staff International Travel
No member of this organisation has undergone foreign travel in recent years.
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 Me too in English medium school
Meena and Arun (both orphans) did not have the exposure of a similar urban child in areas of knowledge and information. They were lacking in life skills. Since they are staying in orphanage home maintained by Govt. for the socially backward community they could not dream of English medium learning in their life Vidyarambam admitted Meena and Arun into their The Rotary Central Vidyarambam Nursery and Primary School which gives english medium education by play way methodology. The school is equipped with modern amenities, library, activity centre etc. The coaching is equal or better than any public school. Meena and Arun are no more shy rural children. They are ready to take any challenge in the process of learning. They are as good as urban children excelling in all skills appropriate to their age. After completing 5 years in Rotary Vidyarambam School they will be able to decide themselves the direction to proceed in their life.
 Helping a child with language
The students in grades 2 to 5 are unable to read in their own language fluently, without mistakes and comprehending. They are poor in handling simple arithmetic too. Surya and Pavithra are two such students at the Panchayat Union Primary school, Soorakkadu, Sirkali Taluk, Nagapattinam district struggling in their classes. Vidyarambam introduced Surya and Pavithra to simple word building exercise through games. They improved to form sentences, read and write their own language.In numbers, the skill of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division all through enjoyable games were reinforced. Group learning methodology helped the slow learners to pick up from their peers at their own pace and achieve the result Now they are able to read and write in their own language fluently and without mistakes and comprehending. They picked up English language too. In numbers, they became expert in four basic skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and joyfully stepped forward to take up the challenge of fractions.

You can communicate with Vidyarambam at
Viswanath Ranganathan
No.10/2, First Main Road, Kasthuribai Nagar, Adyar-
Chennai - 600020,India

Or you can reach Vidyarambam here
Phone : 91 44 2446 5377
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