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NGO mission: To bring about a change in perceptions about Old Age, initiate steps towards senior citizens friendly environment, evolve a sense of moral and social responsibility towards senior citizens.
Due to ever-growing population of older persons in India and fast-changing socio-economic scenario of the society, living conditions of older persons have become critical. Agewell Foundation has been set up to initiate better interaction between the generations. It endeavors to bring about a change in our perceptions of old age.
Mr. Himanshu Rath is a communication strategist, social worker, Founder Chairman of Agewell Foundation. He has also been associated with various central government bodies like Planning Commission, as advisor.
Full time staff :7
Part time staff:15
Contract staff :0
Volunteers: 87500
Total Receipts for 2015-2016 is INR 14814334
Total Payments for 2015-2016 is INR 15543364
Activities and reach for the latest full Financial Year
No. of gainful engagements to older persons: 1645
No. of research studies carried out on old age related issues: 1
No. of destitute elderly provided with free food rathion: 1250
No. of destitute & older persons assisted during winters: 75500
No. of elderly helped through Helpline & Network of nationwide Volunteers: 623050
No. of Healthcare Accessories distributed to poor & old people: 7210
Self generated ( fees/ subscriptions/ interest/ community contributions/ proceeds from sale of goods or services produced by the organisation etc.)000
Donation from Indian individuals through GiveIndia533,6891,785,87411,531,676
Other donations from Indian individuals12,584,10810,983,7960
Donations from foreign individuals through GiveIndia53,98729,1886,965
Other donations from foreign individuals082,0686,464
Grants from Indian sources ( trusts/ govt/ companies/ foundations)1,425,9000650,000
Grants from International sources ( under FCRA)000
Sale of assets000
Total Receipts14,814,33412,890,20712,226,151
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PAYMENTS (Capital)
Capital items purchased for the organisation, excluding investment ( Fixed Deposits etc.)000
Capital items purchased for beneficiaries000
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PAYMENTS (Revenue)
Programme related2015-20162014-20152013-2014
Salaries and benefits582,000631,7001,621,331
Staff training060,00028,000
Staff travel66,300159,618427,915
Consultant's fees0028,090
Office support expenses ( rent/ telephone/ electricty etc.)1,854,71524,264507,683
Materials procurred ( consummables as seed/ food/ books/ provisions etc.)9,573,0953,757,3370
Grants/ donations given to other organisations as part of programme000
Depreciation ( to be taken from Income and Expenditure account)0036,054
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Payments(revenue) Programme Related
Non-programme related2015-20162014-20152013-2014
Salaries and benefits1,778,683956,2660
Staff training000
Staff travel604,9956000
Office support expenses ( rent/ repairs/ telephone/ electricity etc.)235,601520,4780
Communication ( correspondence/ Annual Reports/ brochures/ appeals/ website etc.)355,15050,0000
Consultants' fees ( audit/ legal/ programme )181,31425,5510
Depreciation ( to be taken from Income and Expenditure account)169,51226,6150
Other non-programme expenses141,999146,1050
Total Payments15,543,36411,742,47112,624,050
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Payments(revenue) Non Programme Related
 Registration Details
Sr. Type of Registration
1 Trust [No.615]
2 PAN Number:AAATA6238N
3 12-A [No.DIT(E)99-2000-A-1154/99/102]
4 80G [No.DIT(E) 2007-2008/A-1154/2716]
5 FCRA [No.231660163]
6 35AC [No.]
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 A K Nair & Co.
 C-192, Sarvodaya Enclave
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 Staff Remuneration (INR)
Gross salary plus benefits paid to staff (in INR) p.m. Male Female Total
 less than 5,0005813
 5,000 – 10,000707
 10,000 – 25,000505
 25,000 – 50,000000
 50,000 – 1,00,000000
 Greater than 1,00,000000
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Total annual payments consultants (in INR)Number of consultants
 less than 5,0000
 5,000 – 10,0000
 10,000 – 25,0000
 25,000 – 50,0000
 50,000 – 1,00,0000
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 Staff Remuneration (p.a.)
1 Highest Paid: INR 168000
2 Lowest Paid: INR 48000
3 Head of the Organisation: INR 0
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 Board Expenses
Sr. Detail Amount(INR)
1 International travel0
2 Domestic travel0
3 Local conveyance0
4 Entertainment expenses0
5 Other0
  Total 0
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Board Members
SI.Name (Age)Gender, Position, Gross Remuneration, Relation to other members
1 Narendra Singh Negi
 Male, Member, INR 0.00,
2 Himanshu Rath
 Male, Chairman, INR 0.00,
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Board Members Background
1 Narendra Singh Negi 21 years experience in the field of copywriting / designing/ advertising. Associated with Agewell Foundation since 1999.
2 Himanshu Rath 36 years experience in the field of conceptualisation, development, implementation of Communication Advertising, Marketing and Media strategies Member of Working Groups and Steering Committees on Social Sector for Xth, XIth and now the XIIth Five-Year-Plan of Planning Commission of India since 2002. Represented/participated in several United Nations/international conferences on old age issues. Founder Chairman of Agewell Foundation.
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Board Resolution
SubjectsBoard Meeting/Annual General Body Meeting DateNo. of members presentStrength of the board at the time of this meeting
Budget for the year 2016-201712/02/201622
Programmes/ Projects for the year 2016-201712/02/201622
Annual Report for the year 2015-201607/10/201622
Financial Audit Report for the year 2015-201607/10/201622
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External Reviews
1Charities Aid Foundation India
2National CSR Hub
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Staff International Travel
No member of this organisation has undergone foreign travel in recent years.
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Data is not available

You can communicate with Agewell Foundation at
Himanshu Rath
M-8A, Lajpat Nagar, Part-II, New Delhi-
New Delhi - 110024,India

Or you can reach Agewell Foundation here
Phone : 91 11 29836486
Fax : 91 11 29830005
E-mail :


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