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Rehabilitate a severely, acute, malnourished, poor child by providing nutritional food supplements for six months
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Restore the vision of a very poor elderly person by sponsoring a cataract surgery
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Correct the vision of 2 elderly persons by providing spectacles to them
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General Fund
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Empowerment through Knowledge and Action.
Daudnagar Organisation for Rural Development (DORD) is a non-governmnetal organization established in the year 1989 from few villages of Daudnagar Block of Aurangabad district by seven young persons who imbibed social, secular, non-political and philanthropic fervour. DORD works for the upliftment of the poor and marginalised sections of the society, empowerment of women in both urban and rural areas and eradicates poverty, diseases, malnutrition, patriarchal violence and exclusion and strives towards its vision of an empowered society. In the beginning, Mr. Raja had to overcome the impediments of dearth of funds, criticism by relatives for his audacious choice, and lack of experience and guidance in the field of social work. He met with his first breakthrough project in 1994 when DORD was awarded its first project, MCH Care Family Planning by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. From there on, there was no looking back as DORD grew in the last 24 years into a widely recognized NGO operating across 18 districts of Bihar. In this span of time it has worked on myriad projects like RCH programme (1994-1996) in the districts of Palamu and Kaimur as well as in Aurangabad, HIV/AIDS (Prevention) Awareness Programme (1996-1999) supported by NGO AIDS CELL, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, Pehel - Support to gender issues like women empowerment, CARE India – to provide support services to ICDS programme in Aurangabad District, and HelpAge International and HelpAge India under AAG (Adopt A Granny) and free Cataract Surgeries project in DORD Hospital. DORD is running Short Stay Home (SSH) at Daudnagar in Aurangabad district of Bihar since 2001 with the support of Bihar Government through Women Development Corporation, Bihar. Women and girls in distress from domestic violence, dowry, eve-teasing, human trafficking, child marriage etc. can find rehabilitation and reconciliation to their husband / in-laws. This home provides livelihood skill training options like incense sticks making and cutting and sewing.
Dr. Mohammad Moinuddin Raja, a 41 year old Post Graduate in Commerce and a MBA is one of the Founders of DORD and came into this field of social work by choice. Dr. Raja was honoured by Mr. Justice M. Rama Jois, the then Governor of Bihar for serving the cause and care of poor persons in the year 2003-04 and was chosen a Leadership Development Mechanism (LDM) Fellow by International Institute of Education, USA through an elaborate selection process in 2002.
Full time staff :11
Part time staff:3
Contract staff :101
Volunteers: 11
Total Receipts for 2015-2016 is INR 33659979
Total Payments for 2015-2016 is INR 39574722
Activities and reach for the latest full Financial Year
No. of Dalit Girls and women imparted training on Beautician : 39
No. of ASHA worker trained on RCH issues : 2172
No. of Elected women representative trained on RH issues: 245
No. of Cataract surgeries performed : 6210
No. of of power glasses distributed and restored vision among poor Older Persons: 2421
No. of Sewika and Sahayika trained: 162
No. of malnaurished children rehabilitated: 123
No. of children taking formal modern education : 421
Self generated ( fees/ subscriptions/ interest/ community contributions/ proceeds from sale of goods or services produced by the organisation etc.)12,328,62910,683,3927,093,531
Donation from Indian individuals through GiveIndia797,549849,607599,191
Other donations from Indian individuals000
Donations from foreign individuals through GiveIndia170,01183,294158,987
Other donations from foreign individuals000
Grants from Indian sources ( trusts/ govt/ companies/ foundations)15,470,00922,852,26324,978,546
Grants from International sources ( under FCRA)4,893,7811,976,5862,121,076
Sale of assets000
Total Receipts33,659,97936,445,14234,951,331
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PAYMENTS (Capital)
Capital items purchased for the organisation, excluding investment ( Fixed Deposits etc.)3,621,6793,833,7452,337,394
Capital items purchased for beneficiaries000
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PAYMENTS (Revenue)
Programme related2015-20162014-20152013-2014
Salaries and benefits12,870,31013,927,01213,619,501
Staff training9,112,3409,870,1159,066,090
Staff travel77,81694,97073,343
Consultant's fees2,507,4902,615,3242,406,257
Office support expenses ( rent/ telephone/ electricty etc.)2,183,9702,415,8172,120,965
Materials procurred ( consummables as seed/ food/ books/ provisions etc.)2,411,7032,768,3182,278,237
Grants/ donations given to other organisations as part of programme000
Depreciation ( to be taken from Income and Expenditure account)508,704404,087380,883
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Non-programme related2015-20162014-20152013-2014
Salaries and benefits1,543,5001,817,4082,603,519
Staff training000
Staff travel89,839120,34245,549
Office support expenses ( rent/ repairs/ telephone/ electricity etc.)444,999465,533443,072
Communication ( correspondence/ Annual Reports/ brochures/ appeals/ website etc.)49,80069,58447,256
Consultants' fees ( audit/ legal/ programme )25,00025,00025,000
Depreciation ( to be taken from Income and Expenditure account)272,718283,535306,739
Other non-programme expenses22,37724,482189,621
Total Payments39,574,72239,750,84245,444,764
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 Registration Details
Sr. Type of Registration
1 Society [No.79]
2 PAN Number:AAATD3873E
3 12-A [No.15/2001-02]
4 80G [No.AA-1/Patna/technical /80G/2006-07/457-59]
5 FCRA [No.031370002]
6 35AC [No.]
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 K KJha& Co
 4th Floor, Krishna Building, S P Verma Road
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 Staff Remuneration (INR)
Gross salary plus benefits paid to staff (in INR) p.m. Male Female Total
 less than 5,000224
 5,000 – 10,0005149100
 10,000 – 25,0008513
 25,000 – 50,000101
 50,000 – 1,00,000000
 Greater than 1,00,000000
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Total annual payments consultants (in INR)Number of consultants
 less than 5,0000
 5,000 – 10,0000
 10,000 – 25,0000
 25,000 – 50,0000
 50,000 – 1,00,0003
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 Staff Remuneration (p.a.)
1 Highest Paid: INR 1200000
2 Lowest Paid: INR 36000
3 Head of the Organisation: INR 480000
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 Board Expenses
Sr. Detail Amount(INR)
1 International travel0
2 Domestic travel17014
3 Local conveyance67038
4 Entertainment expenses0
5 Other0
  Total 84052
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Board Members
SI.Name (Age)Gender, Position, Gross Remuneration, Relation to other members
1 Razi Alam
 Male, Executive Member , INR 0.00,
2 Manoj Kumar
 Male, Executive Member , INR 0.00,
3 Minati Chaklanavis
 Female, Executive Member , INR 0.00,
4 Dr. M M Raja
 Male, President , INR 480,000.00,
5 Md. Khalil Ansari
 Male, Treasurer , INR 0.00,
6 Ganesh Prasad Gupta
 Male, Vice President, INR 0.00,
7 Tasneem Ahmad
 Female, Secretary , INR 144,000.00,
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Board Members Background
1 Razi Alam Social Activist working with tribal community in Jharkhand. He has NGO background and Monitor of NACO, Govt. of India
2 Manoj Kumar One of the founders of DORD. he is associated from the very beginning and isserving DORD with his best managerial capacity to handle projects.
3 Minati Chaklanavis Renowned Journalist with a decade of experience and is working as faculty in Patna University. She is also News Reader in Doordarshan
4 Dr. M M Raja He is one of the founders and has been leading the organization for the last 22 years. Spread organisations’ activities across Bihar from just 10 villages. Made the organisation self-sustainable.
5 Md. Khalil Ansari He is our advisor for the hospital program
6 Ganesh Prasad Gupta He is retired from Daudnagar College as Librarian. Now advising DORD with well experienced managerial capacity.
7 Tasneem Ahmad She is associated with the DORD NGO since last 8 years and has a wide range of experiences of management. Serving as In-charge of Give India Project.
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Board Resolution
SubjectsBoard Meeting/Annual General Body Meeting DateNo. of members presentStrength of the board at the time of this meeting
Budget for the year 2016-201727/03/201677
Programmes/ Projects for the year 2016-201727/03/201677
Annual Report for the year 2015-201601/10/201677
Financial Audit Report for the year 2015-201601/10/201677
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External Reviews
1Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai
2Social Welfare Department, GoB
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Staff International Travel
No member of this organisation has undergone foreign travel in recent years.
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 Spectacles his Best Friends
Sanjiv Paswan, a 60 year old very poor old man, lost his right eye when he was young and had been managing with only his left eye. He belongs to a very poor family and was working as an agriculture labourer and was the sole bread earner. His problem increased when he developed cataract in his left eye. His vision was poor and somehow managed to see a bit during the day but in the night his world was dark. He did not have money for surgery or buy spectacles for himself. Sanjiv was operated in DORD Eye Hospital free of cost and provided spectacles. After surgery, with help of spectacles he has regained his lost vision and is desirous to work once again and earn for his family. He is better now and is able to work without any support. Sanjiv was operated in DORD Eye Hospital free of cost and provided spectacles. After surgery, with help of spectacles he has regained his lost vision and is desirous to work once again and earn for his family. He is better now and is able to work without any support.
 Vision Regained through Cataract Surgery
Rajmati is a 70 year old poor women – unable to earn and totally dependant on her sons who are not sensitive enough towards her needs ailments and disabilities. She had developed cataract blindness since last 4 years but could not get the surgical treatment due to poverty. We organised a free of cost surgery camp at our eye hospital and we also organised screening camps in each Block. We gave a wide publicity to both. It was upon this that Rajmati’s sons brought her in her screening camp. Rajmati was selected for the surgery and was given a date to come to our eye hospital. Now after the surgery, Rajmati has regained her vision fully and is so very pleased to see the face of her grandson clearly who was born 2 years ago. She is able to attend to her personal chores independently and is far less dependent on her family member. It is like a new world and a new life for her.
 Saving life of Asmina with nourishment at Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre
Asmina is 15 months old and is severely malnourished, weighing under 6 kilos. She belongs to a scheduled community and is one of four children. Her parents are employed as labour and earn meagre amount to support their family. Asmina was dependent on mother’s milk as the only nutritious supplement. Though the family is classified as Below the Poverty (BPL), their size makes BPL rations insufficient. Her parents often go without work, making the situation worse. During community mobilisation, our staff noticed Asmina’s grave condition, counselled her parents and immediately admitted her in NRC Rohtas on March 1st, 2013. As per WHO norms, Asmina was severely malnourished. We initiated a supply of supplementary nutritious items which was given to her mother on 28th June, 2013. After receiving the Items her mother was overwhelmed and thankful to the people of DORD and the donor who improved the life of her child.

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