Support Education of First Generation Learners at Vidya and Child

Support Education of First Generation Learners at Vidya and Child


Creator: Ruchi Shah | NGO:Vidya & Child

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Vidya & Child works in marginalised communities, exploring the unique potential in each child by providing opportunities for value integrated learning and development. Where every child learns to explore the unique potential within and is enabled to introspect, question and progress collectively with sensitivity.

Established in 1998, Vidya & Child has been working in Noida (NCR) for the last 19 years and has schools at 4 locations in Noida. The community we cater to is primarily a mixed population from across different states constituting mainly of families that have moved from villages to the cities for livelihood and better opportunities.

The children of these families do not attend school and are often found playing on the streets or working as casual labourers to supplement the high cost of living in urban slums. Many who have studied in their native villages in a different regional language find it difficult to cope up with a completely new language here and often either drop out of the education system or are uncertain about where to begin. Staying out of the education system deprives them of job opportunities and the cycle of inadequacy and poverty continues. Being vulnerable to exploitation of different kinds these children grow with deep rooted complexities that are difficult to deal with by any child.

Focus & Approach
1. Value Integrated and Holistic Learning:  to introspect, question and progress collectively with sensitivity.
2. Focus on Each Child:  The "Child" as centre of all program planning & activities
3. Learning and Enablement: To work through the complete education life cycle of a child, so that each child completes school education and is skills enabled to access mainstream opportunities
4. Shared Vision with each Parent: Long term engagement so that each parent remains an active stakeholder towards the education process
Long Term Impact
1. First Generation Learners: Initiation of first generation learners in the education process
2. Quality of Life: Enablement to take informed decisions for a more meaningful life; improvement in social and economic well being
3. Aware and Sensitive: To be a sensitive stakeholder in the immediate environment. Take greater responsibility of self.
4. Informed and Engaged Parent Community: Sustained support for the child's education process, equal education opportunity for the boy and girl, the parent and the child being role models within families and communities as a catalyst for the others to join the process
Outreach & Achievements
1. Started in 1998 with just 2 chidlren, Vidya & Child today reaches out to 1600+ Children across 4 low income communities of which 1200 are from Class Nursery to 8th  .
2. More than 350 chidlren have been admitted to mainstream schools over the years. Of these over 100 chidlren have finished Class 12th and are pursuing higher studies.
3. More than 80 chidlren are pursuing higher education across 15 different professional/vocational streams and pursuing a career of their choice.
4. Working with over 1000 families with a strong parent connect where the relationship is a minimum 12 to 15 years long based on mutual respect and trust.
5. A Near Equal Boy to Girl ratio across Vidya & Child

Thank you Genpact for supporting us and contributing to our efforts.

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Vidya & Child works with the mission to help bridge the gap for those children who need education and have no access to the facilities for learning existing in our society. It works toward providing a learning environment which can lead to a strong educational foundation as well as help a child in identifying the uniqueness within. It caters to 1500+ children across 4 centres in Noida and 1 in Siwan, Bihar.

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