Help us in raising money for Qaafila, a caravan towards self-discovery

Help us in raising money for Qaafila, a caravan towards self-discovery


Creator: Akash Yadav | NGO:Teach For India

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Shweta is a student of class VIIth from the bustling and lively community of Mehrauli. A bright eyed kid, Shweta has dreams of becoming an aeronautical engineer. She is hardworking and works tirelessly to make her dreams a reality. Her day begins at 5 am, making food for herself and her family of eight. After school gets over, Shweta's job is to ensure her nieces and nephews are fed and taken care of and to make sure the house is spotless. Even though Shweta is overburdened with responsibility, the child has a curious mind that loves to question things around her. She works relentlessly and studies till sometimes 2 am in the morning. Her mother, a domestic worker, is the sole bread earner of the family while her father battles with alcoholism. There is abuse in her life and hardships no child her age should see, but Shweta is determined and always smiling. Her only constraint is resources but she flies high in her dreams.
There are many Shwetas in the crowded community of Mehrauli. Sons and daughters of daily wage workers, vegetable vendors, rickshaw pullers, carpenters; our kids have big goals, dreams and aspirations. We teach about 800 of them and our aim is to bring resources into our children's lives and give them the attention they deserve.
'Qaafila' is the collaborative brainchild of 16 Teach for India fellows working in five different government schools in Mehrauli. We noticed that our students lacked basic access to books and needed extra instructional time beyond the regular school hours, which couldn't be provided to them within school. They also had little to no exposure to extra-curricular activities and to bridge that gap, 'Qaafila' was born. 
Qaafila is a community centre located right in the busy community of Mehrauli, where most of our kids reside. This brings our students' access. Access not only in terms of location but also in terms of books, learning and opportunities. It will be operational seven days a week to the underprivileged but bright-eyed students of Mehrauli and will allow our kids to embark on a path of self discovery. 
Our community centre is a rented space and we need money to run the space. Fellows pool in resources to keep the place going but we are short on resources. We want the community centre to be a bright and inviting space for the students, with colourfully decorated walls, a well stocked kitchen for the people who will be working tirelessly, books for a small but functional library, stationary, furniture and a projector that can be used for visual aids during teaching.

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