Contribute to help us realize Odyssey of dreams

Contribute to help us realize Odyssey of dreams


Creator: Mrinal Singh | NGO:Teach For India

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What is Odyssey?
Nisha is a student of class 6 at a school in Sangam Vihar, one of the poorest communities of New Delhi. She is the sixth child and third daughter of a charpoi-maker and has never had access to privileges like foreign literature, internet or technology. Once back home, she hangs up her uniform and gets down to making food for the family and, at her age, has to make sure that the house is spic and span. She gets into conflict with her mother often for speaking up, but Nisha refuses to be silenced. Nisha has dreams. She dreams of a society with equal rights for women. She dreams of an India where tolerance reigns supreme and where discrimination and inequality can be removed through education. She dreams of a day when people can use their talents fearlessly without thinking of the job market. She dreams of becoming a football coach because she believes that it is a powerful means of expression for a girl to take up sports seriously. These dreams are not the result of a sudden inspiration, but a result of engaging in learning beyond the classroom walls at a Learning Centre near her school. This has been made possible because of a space called Odyssey where students come with their Teach For India This has been made possible because of a space called Odyssey where students come with their Teach For India didis and bhaiyyas to develop their potential. Deep within the streets and alleys of Sangam Vihar, Delhi, there is a small building with brightly painted yellow doors and ‘House of Angels’ written across the front which seeks to bring about a change in this scenario. A quick glance inside will reveal groups of girls excitedly going about many different projects. Some of them may be involved in extra lessons, some others might be practicing for a nukkad natak.

In the neighborhood, there are approx. 800 girls from two govt. schools (GGSSS C Block & SKV J Block) who do not have access to expand on their talents beyond what is available in schools. Daughters of vegetable vendors, auto rickshaw drivers, carpenters, these girls hail from low income backgrounds with big dreams in their eyes, but very little avenues for exploring them. Odyssey is the space where the girls are encouraged to be curious and intelligent learners and to be vocal about their opinions. Here, the girls are encouraged to feel at ease and design their own methods of learning. 15 year old Rabiya speaks up about Odyssey, “I love Odyssey because it is our own place, where the girls are in charge of their own learning. Here, our didis and bhaiyyas let us take our own initiatives and we are exposed to many things which we could not otherwise get. This is OUR SPACE and that is why we love it.”

Why Donate?
Odyssey is run by a team of Fellows from both schools for development of students. The building is used on rent basis and Fellows pool in resources to keep it running. This leaves few options open to provide means of expanding education for students. There is a dire need for renovating infrastructure of the building so that there is clean space for the students to occupy, bright rooms with freshly painted walls to inspire them, and a well stocked kitchen for all the people who use the place. Not just that, with your contribution, you will also be helping to provide a library and multimedia tools for the children to help them expand their learning.

How Will Your Donation Help?
Your contribution will help provide the following items for the children:

For further details, please reach out to the team here:
Email: Ph: Arpita(9717122490) Annie(9910002792)

This iGive page has been set up by Mrinal Singh

For the NGO: Teach For India


Create a movement of lifelong leaders working from within various sectors to eliminate educational inequity in the country

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Good job Shloka
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Thanks shloka for doing this nice job.... well wishes..
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Hello Aanchal, appreciate your selfless work in educating the underprivileged.
Aditya VelloreSaimurali   - 9345.79
Thank you, Mrinal for all the great work you do.
Saurabh Agrawal   - 500.00
You are doing great job Shloka. Thanks for this opportunity.
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Rizowana Hussaini
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Thanks Ridhi. All the best everyone.
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Well done Abhinav
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Thanks shloka
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