human rights education center

human rights education center


Creator: LEADS NGO | NGO:Legal Education and Action for the Development of Society(LEADS)

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Leads is working for the development of the child labour, women and dalits who are belongs to socially,economically and culturally deprived and oppressed people through educational to equip them awareness on their  Legal and Human Rights.
  we work towards a social system where dignity and respect of  the weaker sections  is established and ensured.
 * To enlarge democratic spases where poorer communities can assert and access rights and entitlements.
* To capacitate poorer sections communities with special focus on women with organisations,leadership,know-why and know-how,resources and linkages so that they enabled to assert themselves in the socio-economy.
our activites:-keep and dessemination of all  the information regarding welfare laws,legal aid support ,documentation,training facilities on information act,domestic violence act,S.C&S.T.Attrocities act,etc..,
To giveTrainings on women rights land rights,child rights,economic rights etc..,
*1 month salery for Legal Advisor/counseller-Rs.6000/x12 months-72000/-
*Rent for resource centre 1month Rs.2000/x12 months=24000/-
*printing of forms/legal education material into regional languagesRs.5000/x12 months=60000/-
*communication&stationary 1monthRs.500/-x12months=6000/-
*Trainings[24]i trainingRs.2000/-x24=48000/-
  you can support in any of the above orwith the minimum .

This iGive page has been set up by LEADS NGO

For the NGO: Legal Education and Action for the Development of Society(LEADS)


LEADS is Educating to Liberate the poorest of the Poor from Oppression, Exploitation, Social and Economical Injustice, Bondage and Inequality through Sustainable Developmental plans and Strengthening of Human Rights

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