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Hi there!
If you're reading this, it means that you wish to make a difference to someone's life.
In this case, your generosity could result in a more holistic learning for a class of 39 inquisitive girls in grade 6, Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Adarsh Nagar. Me & my co-fellow Shruti Fauzdar aim to to take our class, 6-A to an average RC level of 3.5 by March, but there are various hurdles that stand in the way of academic & behavioural achievement, the biggest one being lack of resources.
We intend to solve the problem through the following:

  1. Projector (Rs 40,000) - this will aid our students' learning since they will be exposed to a variety of contextual visuals,  building stronger comprehension and imagination

  2. Registration fees for inter-school events (Rs 30,000) - it is imperative that our kids participate in various inter-school competitions & events to gain the exposure of different learning spaces. This will help build confidence and a will to learn in them. Such events require a registration/participation fee.

  3. Books (Rs 50,000) - we believe that the only way to build stronger comprehension and meet our RC goal is through regular reading, a habit we want to inculcate in our students. For that we need grade level, easy, difficult, fiction, non-fiction books, atlases, dictionaries etc.

  4. Stationery (Rs 35,000) - teaching in a classroom requires stationery like pens, pencils, notebooks, chartpapers for visuals, markers. A major part of stationery expenses is photocopies and printouts of assignments for extra practice.

  5. Travel Fund (Rs 50,000) -  we intend to take our kids to educational trips in & around the city, resulting in experiential-learning. Plus, these trips help build confidence to step out and learn ownership through self-management.

  6. Medicines and Sanitary Napkins (Rs 5000) - In the classroom, we have to treat injuries that occur accidentally (or not) We also have 39 pre-teens who need access to sanitary napkins during emergencies.

  7. Basic Sports-Equipment (Rs 40,000)- We intend to keep basic equipment such as balls, cricket-bats, badminton-racquets, shuttlecocks and hockey sticks for our class so they can try their hand at different sports & develop an interest in them.

The total amount of funds needed = Rs. 2,50,000.
Both Shruti and I appeal to you to show our wonderful girls some generosity by making a donation. We believe that the resources & funds can broaden our kids' horizons, make learning easier, fun and interactive for them. It will certainly clear some hurdles in our way of delivering effective lessons.
Do not hesitate to donate through this Website - it is simple, secure & the most efficient way to help me reach my goal. The NGO I have chosen will receive your money quickly and effortlessly. You will receive tax benefits. Donors in India will get an 80G receipt from GiveIndia for your donation, US Taxpayer get a 5013c receipt and UK Taxpayers can avail Gift Aid. For other countries you can check the terms and conditions of GiveIndia.

If you have any queries, please reach out to me at
GiveIndia will process every donation and provide you with a receipt for the same. Thank you for visiting my iGive page and supporting our cause.

This iGive page has been set up by Agreni Batra

For the NGO: Teach For India


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So proud of you two, Agreni and Shruti. Keep it up.
DIVIK BATRA   - 500.00

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