Support Manish Shetty in raising money for Bachpan - An Evening Community Center

Support Manish Shetty in raising money for Bachpan - An Evening Community Center


Creator: Manish Shetty | NGO:Teach For India

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Why ?

“Time is so valuable that if you pay millions of golden coins, you cannot get back even a moment,” and who else can understand this phrase better than a teacher. Three months of being a teacher has taught me the importance of every minute I spend with my kids because this time is where I can make a difference. This quest for time brings us to the story of Priya a grade 5 student, who hasn’t seen school for the last ten years of her life and was now directly admitted to the 5th grade. Coming straight from Bihar, to walking into a Kannada medium school, and not knowing a single word of the only two languages spoken in class, Kannada and a bit of English, she made me realize the importance of having that extra instructional hour with her, to be able to do justice to my role as a teacher. One morning, her walking to me and asking, “Sir, please teach me English and Kannada” (in Hindi) and then her breaking down literally on the day of her English school exam, told me she needs that time. This hunt for time is what gave us the idea of an evening center in the community, a place where this extra effort could be made.
Hunting for a place in the community and bumping into Tamsheer again a grade 5 student, broadened our idea and vision of this community center to be named as ‘Bachpan – Our Carefree World’.
Childhood is a precious phase in all our lives, but among us, there are children for whom childhood is only finding happiness amongst all the struggles. “No money, sir.” Was the answer I got to my innocent question, to whom I thought was simply an innocent child – Tamsheer, “Why didn’t you go to your native for the holidays?”
They need a place that redefines childhood for them. A place where they learn, they play and they simply live their ‘Bachpan’. Bachpan would be a place, that will give them the support be it academically or emotionally when they need it the most. Bachpan will be that place, where they will grow, as student leaders, capable of making decisions to create a carefree world tomorrow. Bachpan will be the safe den, they have created for themselves, where they will simply enjoy leaving behind all their worries, just the way they should.

W hat?

An evening child center, where kids would get to learn and teach, inspire and get inspired, engage in extra-curricular activities and have the fun of their Bachpan.
In the long run, a Carefree Safe World, by the kids, for the kids, and to the kids.

How ?

a.      It will start off by answering its immediate question, of the extra instructional hour, where we would set up structures and academic classes would be taken.
b.      A student body would be formed within Bachpan that will be involved in making out weekly plans.
c.      This student-body would also, slowly start out to own up at least one of our weekly goals.
d.        Alongside, Community Champions would be identified and onboard to the idea of Bachpan.
e.      Bachpan committee, consisting of – Student Body, Community Champions and Teachers would be formed, which will then start setting goals and taking decisions.
f.      Students would start taking actions towards, different problems they identify in the community and Bachpan would be their facilitator.
g.        On the long run, Bachpan would eventually become majorly student-led, with just minimal guidance, inputs and support by the other members of the Bachpan committee.

This iGive page has been set up by Manish Shetty

For the NGO: Teach For India


Create a movement of lifelong leaders working from within various sectors to eliminate educational inequity in the country

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Keep up the good work, Manish!
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Jojy Tom   - 6000.00
Manish Shetty. Keep up the good work, cheers.
Krishnan Subramanian   - 4672.89
In Memory of my Brother
Anonymous   - 500.00

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